Make a Flying Carpet

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You can fly on a magic carpet that you can make yourself!

Casting Instructions for 'Make a Flying Carpet'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Globe or map of the world
  • Pin
  • Carpet
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Globe or map of the world
  • Pin
  • Carpet

Put the carpet in the sun for at least 24 hours (at night put the lights on). Then wait for a full moon go outside at 12:00. Say :

"Carpet carpet
Fly fly
Go to where
I need to go"

Wait till the next day and fly using the carpet. Just put the pin in the map/globe to were you want to go in the world . To start your carpet up say "fly to where I need to go". To get back home say "take me home where I belong".


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This is not a real spell.

Nov 20, 2023
I think this may be a spell to do before your sleep to dream this? Still not sure though

Nov 23, 2023
If you read the description, they say you make a carpet to fly you places. In the spell itself, it talks about flying to and from places, so I can conclude they are talking about an actual flying carpet and not a metaphoric one from dream magick. [so S.Baron is correct, this isn't real] but if you wanted to cast a spell to help you either travel in the dream realm or practice astral projection, you could use witches' flying ointment. [it's an oil made with various herbs which can cause hallucinations. Witches would anoint their skin with a few drops before meditating/sleeping to aid in astral travel. Be careful with it, you only need 1-2 drops]

You cannot make a flying carpet, they do not exist.

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