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This is not a spell, but rather knowledge I have gained about how to cast any circle. It is imperative that one understands how to cast a circle and what it signifies before one uses circle casting for magick.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pen or Pencil
  • Paper

Casting Instructions for 'Basic Circle Magick Casting'

If you have a pen or pencil and paper, draw a simple circle.
If you don't have a pen/pencil and paper at hand, just visualize
a circle. Once you have done that, you must now understand what
the circle's potential and usefulness is as well as what a circle is
used for. A circle signifies all that exist and doesn’t exist. Everything
inside the circle signifies the realm of existence that we reside in.
Outside the circle signifies everything that exist outside our realm.

The circle itself signifies the void, that which does not exist, and separates
everything that exists into being not the same as everything else. This allows for
control, as everything in the circle works differently than everything that is
outside it. Now, draw a line that divides the circle equally, and now there are three
realms. The realm outside the circle, or Realm 1, The realm in the left half of
the circle, or Realm 2, and the Realm in the right half of the circle, or Realm 3.
Keep in mind that Realms 2 and 3, although similar, are not the same once they have
been divided.

Certain symbols may be drawn on, in, or around a circle, and they signify certain
realms of existence that focus the circle to channel that specific type of existence.
But sometimes, this alone is not powerful enough for a circle cast, so some circle
casters create a second circle around the first circle with symbols around it.
Now this is where things get interesting, Draw a second circle around the first
circle. Both circles now signifies a Facilitated and controlled realm of existence.
The outer Circle still signifies everything that exists outside the realm we exist

The inside the outer circle lies our realm, and it also is used to manipulate inside the
inner circle, which is a special confined existence being manipulated and controlled by
inside the outer circle. Or in other words, the inside of the outer circle is what makes circle
magick possible. One could still cast a single circle or even don't use a circle to cast a
spell, but the chances of success drops significantly that it would with the circle. Without a'
circle, energy cannot be contained properly, this is the difference between a spell that uses a
single symbol and a spell using a circle with a symbol. This is because both a symbol and a circle
are needed for any spell, especially a circle casting spell. The circle contains the energy gathered,
and the symbol programs the circle to gather the specific energy needed for the circle casting to work.

Hopefully, this knowledge I have procured will be beneficial to your research into Magick
Circle Casting

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