Summon a Lover

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To Summon a Lover, to bring a new love into your life.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 Red Roses
  • Red or Pink Chiffon Scarf (or a drum)
  • 50cm/20in of Red Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Chalice
  • Red Wine or Grape Juice
  • CD player and a CD of soft music (optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Summon a Lover'

For this ritual you will need to find a secluded outdoor space where a hawthorn grows. It is best if you can walk around the hawthorn, but if that isn't possible, perform the ritual in front of the tree.

Lay your tools on the grass and cast a Circle, ensuring that the hawthorn tree is within the magickal boundary

*Place the roses in the middle of the Circle to form an equal-armed cross. Cut a small lock from your hair, tie it to the red ribbon, and lay it next to the roses. Pour some wine or juice into the chalice

*Begin to move around the circle, deosil, in a slow, seductive dance. Hum or sing if you feel like it, or play the CD. As you dance, wave patterns with the scarf or beat the drum. Concentrate your energies on attuning with the Goddess tree and summoning the lover you require

*Once you feel connected to the land, the tree and the power, begin to chant this spell, and continue as long as you remain focused:

"By earth, by wind, by land, by sea,
I summon a lover to come to me.
By witch's dance and Goddess tree,
I summon a lover to come to me.
By earth, by wind, by land, by sea,
I summon a lover to come to me.
By power raised I send my plea;
I summon a lover to come to me."


*When you have finished chanting, tie the ribbon and lock of hair to the hawthorn tree, asking for the fruition of your spell.

*Pour a little of the red wine or grape juice at the foot of the tree, tap your chalice against the tree trunk and say:
"Blessed Be!"

*Drink the rest of the wine or juice from your chalice and, finally, leave a single red rose at the foot of the tree in thanks. Take the other one home with you to place on your altar .


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