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Ever had that one wish that you dreamed could come true? Well, now it can. Tested four times, work 3/4 times. If it works please message me! This is my first spell post (I've made plenty of spells)

Casting Instructions for 'Wish Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle (anything but open fire)
  • paper (small)
  • Pencil
  • Perfume
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle (anything but open fire)
  • paper (small)
  • Pencil
  • Perfume
Light the candle (duh). Take the piece of paper and write down your wish. (any extra room is not necessary. Try to keep it small) Drop your wish into the flame. Hold the perfume over the flame until the bottom is warm (try not to hold it to close, perfume is very flammable)Spray the perfume on your neck. Do this everyday for a week. If you find your wish paper again you might see that the wish part is still there. For example, if you wrote: ''I wish to be an excellent drawer.'' when you find it, it will say ''an excellent drawer''


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Would cologne work instead of perfume?

Feb 07, 2020
yes, but I worry about how safe it is to heat up a flammable liquid in a jar then spraying it on you [even the person who wrote this saw it could be dangerous] I would look for another wish spell to be safe. [a simple one is to write a wish on a bay leaf or piece of paper, charge it with energy while visualizing your desired outcome, then burn it]

Would it work if i wished for powers

Jul 03, 2020
No, wish spells still work the same as other spells [if it contradicts nature, it won't work] it's mostly for when you can't find a specific spell for your problem.

What if i wish for something that grants perfect wishes

Do u just spray perfume for a week or do the whole thing for a week

Would bay leaf work instead of paper?

Nov 15, 2021
Yes, but I would take into consideration Neko's comment above regarding the general safety of this spell.

would it work if i wished to be able to astral project instantly like an on and off switch

Jul 13, 2022
Nothing in life is a switch, I am sorry to say. Though you could perhaps work a wish spell to ask/call for an experienced teacher in the skills you want to work towards. Though, as in all things, be careful what you wish for because the source of how that wish is granted can be... unexpected.

One key is to ask for a wish to arrive through no harm, be fulfilled through no harm, and in a manner to bring you towards elevation of the Self.

I want to be a better drawer

I would omit the perfume, or at the very least not place it near the flame. You can write a wish on a piece of paper, fold it towards you if it is something you wish to come to you, or fold away from you if you wish to remove it. Then burn the paper to release the wish into the universe. Be sure to imagine your wish coming to you so you are setting your intention before burning the paper. Without doing so, this wish will have no energy and therefore not work.

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