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No this is messed up i get gagged again my Shady Uzimaki account it feels like someone has a personal Vendetta against me.
Welcome to my account. New viewers just call me Shady or Neo until I feel like telling you my real name. My last account was gagged I'm not going to make this one gagged.
If you want to Role Play Just put RP as the subject. I RP high school (example: My name is Shadow Wolf and I go Yushou High. Im in the Mystikal Arts of The Multiverse Clube.) Magic RP is also what i can do as well with SAO RP.
Root: under-active (-62%)
Sacral: open (19%)
Navel: under-active (-31%)
Heart: under-active (-31%)
Throat: open (25%)
Third Eye: open (31%)
Crown: under-active (-12%)