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If you are a passenger, the first method given below is a simple unobtrusive way to protect you and your driver. If you yourself are driving, the second enhanced method may give you more peace of mind.

Casting Instructions for 'Protecting your Vehicle'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The power of visualization
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The power of visualization


  • Visualize a sphere or bubble of light around the vehicle and mentally seal it with the sign of the equal armed cross above the bonnet.
  • Enhanced technique YOU WILL NEED Few drops of frankincense oil
  • Stick of frankincense or other protection incense
  • If desired a small charm such as a dolphin or eagle
METHOD Before any long journey, put a few drops of frankincense in water and wipe over the wheel arches with a sponge dipped in this water. Burn the stick incense inside the vehicle and pass the charm through the smoke to bless it. Hang the charm in a prominent place or put it in the glove compartment. Finally protect the vehicle as in the simple technique.  
  • You can expect to feel happier and to feel safer through having carried out the protection spell, but this does not mean that you can afford to take risks with your driving and you should observe all other safety precautions as well. For some people travelling can be a real ordeal. These three techniques can protect the traveller and give considerable peace of mind during what is, after all, a period of transition. When you arrive safely at your destination it is always worthwhile making a small offering to the powers that be that have helped you in thanks.


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This is an actual car protection. You can visualize a pentagram by using the wheels as the four points and the hood as the top point. This is also why people hang religious symbols from the rear view mirror.

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