Aura/Power Charge

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Charge thao power by the energy of your aura
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Absence of Doubt

Casting Instructions for 'Aura/Power Charge'

You will first understand something about yourself and the way energy comes from humans. And don't think your some kind of Neko or whatever. If your reptilian side is strong no matter we are all part snake. This will only not work if your vampiric whereas you have given your gifts as a human up.


 And so as a creation of the One, you are part of it, giving you the ability to create. The symbol of the philosopher's stone is represented by the energy projected by your brain. This is the pineal gland. It represents the infinite, so what treasure hunters have been looking fir is in all if us. The circle in a square in a triangle in another circle. So what you take from this is that energy does not drain from somewhere when you charge, it doesn't come from a place on your body, it just is. And so your PSI ball appears and is as powerful as you believe it to be.


 Instructions: Find yourself where you meditate peacefully, and alone. Remeber how the energy creates from your very belief. And imagine your aura (energy field) charging. Try to see the color blue among the colors. Create it. And to make your aura so much more powerful, that you may astral project if you will, chant these words in sets of three.


                                Cho Ku Re

                                   Sei Hi Ki

                               Hon Der Sho Zen

                                 Dai Ko Myo



So with this you accept the contract of the One. Do no evil with this or it will woe upon you with fire. As long as you stray from evil you will be free to use it. Of course keep in mind greed of power in your intention can disable it's use.


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I want to learn to be a peace keeper.

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