Hex of guilt

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This is a hex that isn't actually negative karma...if you know someone's done bad and you want their guilt to surface, then cast this hex upon them!

Casting Instructions for 'Hex of guilt'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - Picture of the person you want hexed,
  • - Bottle or a jar,
  • - Black candle,
  • - Voodoo doll,
  • - Stone,
  • - Bat's blood ink,
  • - Black cloth.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - Picture of the person you want hexed,
  • - Bottle or a jar,
  • - Black candle,
  • - Voodoo doll,
  • - Stone,
  • - Bat's blood ink,
  • - Black cloth.
Make a voodoo doll of the person you want to hex. If you cannot get a personal belonging for it, use their picture.

Lay the doll in the jar/bottle (if yu used the picture put it under the doll!).
Write ''Guilt'' on the stone with bat's blood ink...that represents the burden of guilt on their heart.
Light the candle and cover the doll and the stone in hot wax.
While you are dripping the wax on it, chant the following untill the doll is covered in wax:

You've done wrong,
you know it well,
the secret's out
and so's this spell!

Turtured mind,
restless spirit,
guilt's the cause,
you'll strongly feel it!

Chest unlocked,
will eat you up,
when you come clean,
this hex will drop!

Whrap the doll (when the wax has hardened) in a black cloth and burry it near a crossroad.


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And bit dark, eh?

Aug 10, 2020
It is a hex, isn't that the point?

You are still imposing your will on another person, even if it's justified, it's still considered ''negative''. As long as you're ok with casting a spell it's fine, but don't try and find a ''loophole'' to feel fine casting over someone. Accept what it is.

Can I use a normal marker or fountain pen's black ink to write on the stone?

Aug 17, 2020
Yes. If you want added energy you could bless a pen or marker for spell work and only use it when you need to write something for a spell, but you don't need to.

This is a pretty good hex. I haven't tried it myself but the author clearly knows what he/she/they're doing. Basically, this could work well. I think any ink should technically work, and it can be any possession of the person. A picture, a piece of jewelry they wear often, hair, etc. The rest are easy enough to find, but the black cloth can be substituted by grey, though I sincerely doubt you don't have any black clothes in your wardrobe to spare.

If I had a stuffed animal that was theirs for a long time would I be able to use that as a doll?

May 03, 2022
Sure. That's usually how this sort of spell works. Whether it's a picture of the target, a doll representing the target, something that belongs to the target, or a bit of something from the target such as hair, ideally you want something linked to the target in some way.

May 29, 2022
I'm a bit confused about this... you state that you do not have to make a doll. You can use a picture of the person but also you say to place the picture under the doll in the jar... so do i make a doll or not? And what if i don't have something of the person to make a doll? Do i use just any cloth to make a doll and use there picture with it?

May 30, 2022
Poppets are representations of people. You include personal items because it has an energetic link to the person. If you can't get personal items [hair, nails, teeth, blood, spit, even using their clothes like a sock for the doll] you will need something else to connect the energy. Using a photo is the next best option [you should write their full name and date of birth to personalize it further] There aren't any herbs or crystals involved so it appears as though the poppet is meant to be stuffed with the person's personal items. [Personally, I would stuff the doll with baneful herbs and items to further add to the energy of the hex] If you only have a photo, you don't need to make a doll since you'll be using the photo in place of the doll [the wording kind of sounds like you may use both, but I think they meant pick either a poppet or a picture to use. For example, take the oil and anoint the doll if you're using the doll, or the picture, if you're using a picture,] Personally, I would make a poppet out of black cloth, stuff it with baneful herbs and items [hopefully add personal items] on a piece of paper, write their full name and birthday [and any other personal information] fold it away from me, then stuff it in the poppet. The photo I would either put in the poppet or I would sew it on the outside and anoint the picture I've placed on the poppet. If you printed the photo on regular paper, it would be easier to place inside the poppet [if it's on photo paper, it would hold better]

Poppets and voodoo dolls are different. Unless you are initiated into voodoo, you would use a poppet, not a voodoo doll. Overall, it sounds plausible. I would edit the chant because it is a little confusing with its choice of words.

where do i get bat ink

where do i get bat ink

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