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This shield spell will protect you from physical harm. It won't stop it from happening shield you when it does.

Casting Instructions for 'Shield'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


Imagine a wall of Han (magical energy within your body) rap around your body sealing itself leaving no seam imagine is forming a bubble around you. Don't imagine it hard imagine it like rubber or something slippery so things will bounce off or be diverted now. While doing this put your intentions into it like I don't want to be hit, struck by lighting, stung by a bee, anything you can think of, this is a spell that takes complete concentration and can't be cast ahead of time it is a spell that takes little energy but can save your life.
 I had to use this spell when I was in a care accident, it was a really bad crash a semi pulled into my lane while I was in it, my truck looked like scrape metal after word but I was unharmed (not a scratch on me)


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You can shield yourself from spiritual harm, but not physical harm. It will stop a negative energy attack, not a bullet.

Jun 26, 2020
Actually you can shield yourself from physical harm. I have done it many times

Jun 26, 2020
roleplaying is against site rules. Some claim you can shield yourself from being noticed by an attacker [that would be an invisibility spell. You ground your energy] but if you're suggesting someone threw a punch and it bounced off your spiritual shield. That doesn't work, and claiming it does would fall under roleplaying.

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