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this allows you to do the kamehameha.

Casting Instructions for 'Kamehameha'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • hands
  • belief
  • loud voice
First you must focus all of your energy into your core. Focus is key.

Now stand with your legs apart, bracing yourself, both hands on your left or right side like Goku

Next you need to begin channeling all of that focused energy into the palms of your hands, focus all of the energy from your core into you hands. It's okay to make noise on this stage, do whatever you need to do in order to channel your energy.

After all of your energy has been channeled into your palms you need to release it all at once in a massive controlled burst.

Be very careful, although it won't be as strong at first it's still a powerful energy burst, only use this under dire circumstances. You might not be able to do it at first because you don't feel threatened, you might only be able to activate your inner energy once you are in a serious situation in order to defend yourself/others.

Good luck, and remember to wear a diaper because you might poop yourself from too much focus.

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It's sad people add this kinda stuff to the site. Pretty much anyone who is into Dragon Ball has at one point or another tried this and can say this doesn't work.

imma dragon ball z fan i know one thing that is real on that show is belif in chi or jappanise tearm ki i have belif in that

Jul 04, 2019
Chi/ki is basically what magickal energy is, it is a natural energy that we can tap into and direct. It won't become physical and you can't shoot it at people like you see in the show however.

Jul 06, 2019
that makes since

i have been practising this one for some time now, it isnt about phyiscal blast, its more about inner/ether realms. its to do with astral. however, if you try to do this wtih chi/ki, it is just like eletric, and is invisable and will causes magnet propulsions or shocks etc.

You cant shoot it but it can be physical but the thing is it has it exceptions like how much training you have or if you even know how for me i call it tornado punch wrapping air around your fist like a tornado making your punch significantly stronger

Apr 10, 2020
energy wouldn't be physical. You may be able to see it if you can see energy fields. Also, you can't wrap air around your hand and punch with it, that isn't possible with real magickal energy. Please no roleplaying, it's against site rules and could get your account gagged for breaking them.

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