The Angry Eye

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The angry eye makes you do objects or people get hurt or broken.

Casting Instructions for 'The Angry Eye'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Look at the object or person. Concentrate a lot but not too hard. Once you see something bad happen, you succeed. And if it doesn't work then keep trying.


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I tried this for 3 days and still, nothing happened. is there anything else I should do?

Oct 31, 2022
This isn't a real ''spell.'' The broken English seems more to be an attempt at explaining the concept, but in such a way that it is something done deliberately. Most cultures which believe in the Evil Eye as such believe it is spontaneous rather than deliberate. So, for example, you get a nice new pair of shoes, new to the market, trending among fashion aficionados. Someone else sees you, and is jealous. Somehow the spite or envy influences some ill effect, such as tripping as you're trying to avoid a puddle, causing you to slosh through the mud and water in the brand new shoes. Or, say you're driving faster or slower than someone else, and in the course of negotiating the act of one passing the other, the other driver glares at you. In turn, you find yourself with a flat tire when you are departing your destination. It's not so much a spell cast as it is a spontaneous result of someone's negative emotions towards another.

This appears to be the evil eye as prsona said. But as he explained, this explanation is inaccurate to the true evil eye. You need to focus all of your ill intentions towards that person and glare at them. Anyone can do this. Do not expect to cast the evil eye and the person suddenly trips. They might not even notice if they are not aware of energy. They might get a shiver down their spine, or have a sudden mood change. There could be worse effects, especially if negative energy has been building in their energy field. But your average evil eye is a mild bit of misfortune or foul mood. Plus, many people have charms to protect against the evil eye. Nazar amulets and hamsa charms are everywhere. You can find them in the dollar store. Many people carry them as a cute, trendy charm, but it could protect them. If they wear a cross or religious symbol, that could also protect them.

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