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An easy to do spell, where you can charge a battery with your chi!

Casting Instructions for 'Charge a Battery'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


We've all been there: Your playing a game and you're at the final boss and your batteries die! Blam you lose and all your progress is lost.

Well luckily I've recently figured out a way to charge those batteries back up! With you chi!

If you can make a chi ball (more importantly a one handed chi ball) then its really simple. Just hold the battery in one hand so that the negative side is facing your dominant chi hand. Make a chi ball over the negative side and hold it there for a while.

Now if your battery is dead, it will be pretty light. When you are holding your chi hand over the batter, you will be able to feel the energy in the battery moving around! Its pretty cool. It will also start to get heavier. When its done it will be as heavy as a brand new battery!

The first time I did it, I was really excited. I had heard of chi masters lighting up actual light bulbs with their chi, thats what gave me the idea...

Well enjoy!!


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How do I create a chi ball?

Jul 22, 2023
I think it's pretty much the same as making a psi ball. That said, I'm almost certain that this spell won't work anyway. For one thing, I've never heard of a battery's weight changing when it loses charge or recharges. second, batteries need electrical current to flow through them in order for them to accumulate electrons. The type of energy this spell calls for isn't electrical in nature, so I highly doubt it'll work. Even if it did work, recharging a battery this way sounds dangerous.

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