Candle Power

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This is a real candle spell.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle
  • Needle or pin
  • Pentacle

Casting Instructions for 'Candle Power'

Use a new candle of narrow taper; select a colour that suits your purpose. Best of all, is to make your own candle, with the intent of spell as you craft the taper. Also required is a needle, or pin. Within a properly prepared Circle, set the candle in a holder. Run the needle throught the candle, midway along its length. Light the candle from one of the altar-candles,then place the candle upon the pentacle. As the candle is consumed, concentrate all your will into the desired outcome. It requires absolute focus. You must maintain this focus, until the fire reaches the pin: when the pin falls free, Visualize the power that has been focused into the candle, released to carry the energies off to their destiation. The candle may then be blown out. It should not be re-used. Chant: Wick of cotton,wax of bee Attend, alert, Listen to me: Candle burn, consumed by fire, And come to pass, what I desire. Flames creep down, to iron pin, Release the power, contained within. Power rise, as Twisting smoke, Attain the goal that I invoke ! The first few times you try this spell, You will do well to select a rather small candle. Choose (or make) a very thin taper - about 1/4 is a good start. Any thicker and the candle will burn much more slowly. Trust me, a 1/2 candle will feel like it takes forever to burn down half its length, and it can be incredibly difficult to maintain your focus and intent that long.


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