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Are you a spellcaster/witch/ whatever and you find yourself using too much energy? This spell can help you store extra energy for some big spells.

Casting Instructions for 'Extra Energy'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • • A vessel to keep energy in
  • • Time where you don't need energy for spells
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • • A vessel to keep energy in
  • • Time where you don't need energy for spells
First, get the energy. It can be from anywhere, anything, because everything has energy. Next, pull this energy out of the thing your getting energy from, and imagine the energy traveling into this vessel somehow. Everything can store energy, it all depends how much. I'd prefer a crystal, but anything will work. So, that's it. I hope this spell is usefull, because it is my first one. Ps, inanimate objects cannot make more energy then they already have. Living things may restore energy, but at a slow pace.


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To begin, if you are drained of energy, a spell would be the last thing you should do. Charging and centering your energy are good options. You can store extra energy in object you can then use later, but do this before you are drained, not once you are drained. As for the energy comment at the end. All objects have energy, our proficiency with energy work will determine how easily we can tap into the energy of others. From my experience, plants can have more energy than, say, crystals because they are alive, but not always. Some items are enchanted, or have a spirit within them and contain more energy than a plant. Regardless, the energy extraction would be the same. The only thing you would have to worry about is killing the plant by draining all of its energy.

Jun 01, 2022
The main issue I have is there isn't any actual instruction in here. It says , in essence, ''Pull energy from around you and put it into something''. But it is missing directions on how to achieve that.

This process begins and ends with visualization, and intent. As Tadashi said, do not try to 'store' energy when already drained or tired. It will limit your effectiveness. And when you move energy it carries imprints (Is programmed by) your mental/emotional state. If you want to build up an item with healing energy, do it while in a healing mood and a state of health.

For beginners; Most people have an 'in' hand (usually the non-dominant) and an 'out' hand (typically the dominant hand). Hold the item in your out hand, and rest the 'in' hand on the thing or place you want to draw from. Then close your eyes and consciously breathe in. As the air fills your lungs, imagine light and warmth soaking up your arm and filling your belly. Then breathe out, imagining that same light and warmth rising through your heart, down your other arm to your 'out' hand and into the object where you want to store it. Think of the object like a battery if you want, and yourself as the charger pulling and providing energy to charge it up.

If you aren't sure which hand is which, just hold the item loosely with both, and instead imagine each breath inward as sucking up the energy of your chosen source with the air, filling your lungs then going to your belly like before.

As you breathe out and into your object, try to observe which hand feels more strongly like warmth is travelling from your body, to your hand. If it is consistently happening with the same hand each time you do this exercise Then that is your out hand.

If you feel this from both, or from neither, or feel like your hand sometimes pulls heat up your arm and other times pushes heat down, or if it seems to change with the direction of your breath, then chances are good your hands are able to do both inward and outward movement. ...In truth with practice most should be able to do this... but habit and predisposition makes it easier for some than others.

And finally, if you want to draw on the stored energy of an item later, simply hold the item in your 'in' hand, or cradled in both hands. Take a moment to remind yourself of the object being filled with energy. Glowing, warm, and charged with the quality of energy you placed in it along with the emotions you felt as you had charged it up. Then imagine that warmth and energy as light running up your arms, to your belly/solar plexus, then diffusing through you like warmth from morning sunshine. ... This part is alright to do while feeling drained, as it is the point of having a battery in the first place.

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