Cast a Protective Circle

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This spell will cast a protective circle wherever you desire.

Casting Instructions for 'Cast a Protective Circle'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Salt
  • A Voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Salt
  • A Voice

 With the salt in your hand scatter it, wherever you please,
 form a circle with it.

 Then chant the following:

"With this sacred salt I cast a circle to protect (state what you want to protect) from all that is bad."

After chanting that you will see a barrier around whatever you chose
 only you can see it.


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I don't think this will work

Yes and no. Do not sprinkle salt outside as it can kill plants. You can sprinkle salt in your home and chant to cleanse and protect it, but you will not see an invisible ring of energy. Especially if you struggle with clairvoyance. You can use visualization to imagine a protective glow of energy when you use the salt, but it does not mean you will always see it. Some use visualization in their casting to see what they desire in their minds eye, but that does not mean you will imagine this twenty-four seven. Only when you need to. It is far more likely to sense the energy. You should feel safe and calm when the protection is working. When you begin to feel uneasy in your home, it is a sign you need to cleanse and protect again because negative energy has built up. This is totally normal, as we go about our daily lives we encounter positive and negative energy which we take home.

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