Phoenix Protection

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This is a spell that invokes the power of a phoenix to help you protect your house, room or building where you may need extra protection.

Casting Instructions for 'Phoenix Protection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Many white feathers
  • A long thin candle
  • A pot
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Many white feathers
  • A long thin candle
  • A pot

Place all the feathers in the pot then light the candle and burn the feathers, they burn quite fast once you have the ash place your hands over it and say:

"Oh mighty fire bird come bless this ash
Come through planes, through beast gates smash
protect this place and all within
Let us hear the fire bird sing".

Place the ash on the doors and windows.


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Does this work...? Maybe, Maybe not.....

This is a summoning for a Phoenix, as there is no means of exit for it.

could you do this spell for another human? Like if you wanted to protect a friend.

I would not burn feathers mainly for the smell, but also safety. You could use incense instead and sprinkle the incense ash around. You could use also bless a feather and hang it above your entrance for protection. If you have never worked with a phoenix spirit before, I suggest doing some research and leaving an offering for it. As for the chant itself, I feel it should be reworked. It does not flow very well and does not specifically mention a phoenix. Yes mighty fire bird is in there, but if you have never met someone before, how would you greet them? Would you use their name, or a description to address them? Overall, yes, you can work with a phoenix spirit to protect your home, but I would edit the spell before trying. Not that is will be dangerous, although working with a fire elemental can be if done wrong, but to increase the odds of success.

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