Night Vision

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Allows you to temporarily see in the dark.

Casting Instructions for 'Night Vision'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Stand somewhere that is dark and say "Give me sight to see at night so I can fight" repeatedly. Blink after you have said this a few time, and your vision should become more clear.


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Does this work?

A simple chant will not improve your eyesight.

It worked for me. :)

Nov 03, 2023
The human eye is comprised of cones, which see color and react to bright/abundant light and rods, which are very sensitive to light and so need very little to react, but don't pick up on color that well.

Because rods are so sensitive, when in bright light they shut down to protect themselves from being overloaded/damaged. When available light drops off, the cones stop responding because there isn't enough light to stimulate them, and the rods start warming up. They might 'turn on' instantly, but it takes time for them to fully wake up and kick in. On average 10 to 18 minutes for full function (depending on a few factors).

Your night-vision improving is a function of the time you spent in the process of this spell. Not the spell itself. Your eyes are just doing what they do, starting from near zero and getting slowly better over time spent in the dark.

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