Black Magic

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This spell is to grant power of dark magic.

Casting Instructions for 'Black Magic'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 locket or ring or any other accessory that you have since a long time
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 locket or ring or any other accessory that you have since a long time

At midnight under a full moon you must go outside and hold up your object. Close your eyes and focus hard until you can visualize an image of a moon and the object together. Now close your eyes, wear the object, and chant three times:

"Oh spirits of dark
Listen as I call thee.
Make me one of your kind
As I wish to be.
Let me be reborn
Tomorrow as the sun rises.
So mote it be"


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Does this work

May 16, 2022
Magic is a combination of practice, study/understanding, and in many respects something akin to faith. As such the magic a practitioner works, and its potency, comes from the caster and his/her experience.

There is no 'magic that grants magic'. Such a thing would be like saying ''if you draw this particular picture it will make you suddenly good at art''. Or ''if you do this one exercise, this one time, it will make you an athlete.'' ...As lovely as that would be, walking a magical path is a journey one undertakes, and though it begins with a single step, that is not where it ends.

One could treat this as a dedication rite, at best. IE; making a personal declaration that you intend to walk a magical path, and continue on that path with dedication to continue work and study and growth through both the easy times, and the hard ones too. Usually with a specific goal in mind such as actualising your best self, gaining insight and control/self-determination, or perhaps to experience some form of enlightenment or self-discovery. Whatever it ends up being in the end, it is wise to first determine why you want a thing before figuring out how you plan on getting it.

Magik is intention, not colour. Magik is naturally a neutral energy. When we cast spells, our intention/emotion gives it a positive or negative charge. ''Black magic'' is a term rooted in racism as ''white'' is seen as pure and good and ''black'' is seen as impure and evil. This goes back to colonization when white people argued they were divinely blessed and therefore superior. Many ''black magic'' spells today are from root work and folk magick common in PoC witchcraft. A curse is not automatically ''black'' or ''evil'' but the intention behind it would determine its morality. While I do not curse, you could use a curse to cleanse yourself from pain after someone harmed you. In these instances, I would consider it healing and justice, not malicious. I still would not curse, but I would not shame someone who use curses in this manner. So, with all of that said, saying ''i want black magic powers'' does not work. If you wish to work negative spells, focus negative intentions/emotions while casting. If you can heal, you can curse. It is all about how you focus your intention.

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