Demonic Fusion

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I will teach you to become one with a demon. It will obey you, if you do this right.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 12 Black Candles
  • 1 cup of your blood
  • 3 assorted bones

Casting Instructions for 'Demonic Fusion'

This must be done at midnight on either a full or new moon. Set up your ingredients like so: The bones are in a trangle with a gap about 5 feet between them. The blood must be infront of you, in the center of the bones. The candles must be places around you. DO NOT LIGHT THE CANDLES!
After this is done, Chant: ''Mah se no ca won vea tos'' three times. This is where the demon comes. Hand it the cup of blood. If it takes, the candles will light. MAKE SURE THERE ALL LIT. If they arin't all lit then you will be killed by the fusion. After this is all done, the demon will add its blood to the cup. Do not worry, it will do this. The bones will not allow it to leave until it does. You must then drink the blood. The demon will bind to you: It will obey your every order. For 1000 years my demon remains, so yours should stick around til it becomes more powerful.

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Will not work because we live in reality, but I would like to know why a demon, a powerful spiritual being, would willingly serve a less powerful being like a human [its like if a cat agreed to serve a mouse] how is anything in this a fair trade? You can work with spiritual beings as equals, but if you dare try to order them around, at best they would ignore you, at worst they would teach you a lesson.
Drawing a cup of your own blood is very dangerous, if not life threatening. Also we do not digest blood, do not try and drink blood. also candles do not light on their own, nor do demons appear in the flesh and blood that I have ever witnessed.
I believe in your spell so i will try it but it will take time for me to get prepared and get the supplies for the ritual
Mar 10, 2019
This spell is fake and will not work.

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