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Say this is you are pissed off because of a person.

Casting Instructions for 'Pissed off witch'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice or mind
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice or mind

either say this spell or think the spell.



"Lord and lady grant me the power of fire to burn the ass of the stupid individual. The power of Air to help them fly off the top of a very tall building. The power of Water to wash my hands after choking the hell out of them. The power of Earth to hide their body so it cant be found. As I will it, so mote it be!"


Added to on Jul 31, 2018
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Does it really work ?

Feb 26, 2019
Perhaps. Focus all your anger at the target and say this chant [if you can't visualize the person a photo works] observe of a moon cycle and record any results [sometimes you don't see results even though they're happening. I cursed someone once who seemed to be acting fine only to find out the day after cursing them they were pulled over and got a 2000$ fine for driving without a license]

Nov 07, 2019
Neko what kind of curse did you use for that?

Nov 08, 2019
You Messed With a Witch. regardless of the chant however, the key is to focus your anger and negative energy, you need to let it bubble up and boil over, you need to put yourself in a negative thought space, visualize the person struggling and when you feel like screaming, say the chant. That's why I say this chant has the potential to work, try it and see, wait about a week, and if theirs no results [or it wasn't as extreme as you hoped, try another one]

I did this while burning Dragons Blood incense and I felt instantaneously lighter

This is hilarious

i thought swearing was against site rules

Apr 27, 2020
It is, I do not know why this persons account is not banned. It probably would not be banned, just they would of been given a warning. But that is the moderators choice, I am not completely sure if swearing on spells is allowed or not. I know swearing in comments is not allowed [it is kinda obvious, but whatever].

Apr 27, 2020
Their account has been deleted. There's not firewall in place to stop people from posting spells that break site rules with swearing or promoting self-harm. Report it directly to the site admin, Petrarca, and he will delete it if it's dangerous [promoting self-harm] otherwise, editors will remove the problematic lines and fix the spell [pending approval from a publisher of course]

Apr 27, 2020
Ah, that makes sense.

I'm looking for spell to get back at my husband I have been faithful to him for 2+ years only to have his mistress call me and say he is with her last night I love him but I lost my parents last year 8 months apart from each other he was my rock by the way lost 2 sets of triplets because of stress he caused anyway to get back at him ? E-mail me let me know ty

Jul 31, 2021
I am sorry for your loss, but why would you want someone back who would treat you this way? You deserve better. I would look for spells to get you the life you deserve rather than begging someone to return who would do something so cruel.

The swearing is highly unnecessary but using this to steer karma into hating someone isn't impossible and highly amusing.

Dang. That got dark pretty fast.

Apr 19, 2024
And yet, in a humorous and cathartic way. I could see this more as a way to 'let off steam' by running through ideas in your head rather than an actual curse. More a 'bring me calm' thing.

Something akin to ''Go step on a lego''.

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