Trap-a-Spirtit Charm

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You make a item of hatred able to trap spirits in it.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A item that you hate
  • Wand/Special Finger
  • Pepper
  • Glass of water
  • A small black sheet/cloth/blanket
  • A black marbel
  • A black marker

Casting Instructions for 'Trap-a-Spirtit Charm'

Put the pepper in the water and stir it with your wand/finger until whenever you want.

Next put the item that you hate and put it in the water.Then put the colth/sheet/blanket on top. Then put the marbel on the blanket where the hole of the cup is.(If it falls through it dosent matter)

Now take the marker and write a triangle on your palm.

NOw put your palm facing down on the cup and say:

Oh, spirits I call thy.
I want to capture thy power.
Let the power of my power.
Capture YOU!!!

Mail me if it works!!!

You'll know that there are spirits in it, cause f you pick it up you'll get goosebumps or you'll start to hicupp.

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