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Name: SpellMonkey1
Location: On a snowy mountian
Gender: Male
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I have been learning and doing magic for 5 years and I'm proud that I do magic. Magic is something everyone needs to cherish and love. Magic gives people a little more stuff in their life. But people can use magic wrong. They have their beliefs, just like us. People might disagree on the existence of magic and that's their belief. Everyone must except.
My Spirit Animal is The Bold Eagle. According to my Animal Spirit, I retreat to gentler surroundings in times of stress. I am also quite sensitive to the feelings of others. I am a loyal friend. I may have big dreams but I have made no steps to reach them. Stupidity and way too much intelligence in others annoys me alot.
My element is Earth, here is a description for people who have the Earth element.
Your element is EARTH. You are the most trusted and caring of all the elements. You are reliable and can be depended upon to get things done. You care about the Earth and recycle as much as possible. You are strong and hold your ground when being attacked. You are defensive of those you love. You are strong when you need to look it, yet you are gentle inside.