Dream Of Me (For Girls)

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Make someone have dreams of you.

Casting Instructions for 'Dream Of Me (For Girls)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

So in that place that reminds you of him somehow, get a picture of him into your mind and go through a slideshow of pictures in your mind. Think of him asleep. Once you feel like: You can literally smile from ear to ear ORYou have "butterflies in your stomach", then you're in someway connected to him.

If you continue to picture him, the more intense the feelings will be for you. Then picture you and him, alone, somewhere. It could be on the seat of a bus, in a meadow, or in your bedroom, either way, alone (it's best to picture you guys in the spot you are at now). Then talk to him, as you normally would. After awhile (this part is for more intense feelings) picture him leaning in to kiss you OR (less intense feelings) giving you a hug.

Then once your done with your picture recite this: "In your mind I have invaded, you have seen what I've pictured. You know how I feel, and you know that you are the one in this picture. It may have been a dream but when you awakin, it will become real to me and you. (Name) I love you, you shall love me when you awaken from this replaying dream. I know I've invaded your dreamland but it's the best for us. Dream of me"

When you are done picture him once more and try and fall asleep. Signs that it is working: Being shy around you, feequently staring at you, asks to meet you in place you pictured, sits by you on bus frequently.


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Is one of the side affects not being able to sleep? Also, how long will it take to show results?

Do you have to do this at night before bed?

Oct 25, 2020
I don’t think you are required to, but I’d do it before going to bed. Maybe you’ll have a higher chance of it working since it’s about dreaming🌻 Also I wouldn’t think about it too much🌠🌌

Can I do this too more than 1 boy?

Oct 25, 2019
if you have the energy you can cast as many spells as many times as you want


I wish some girl casting this spell on me :(

Jan 01, 2021
Lol no worries, Sometime, someone, will!

Can I use this on a girl-? I'm kinda a lesbian hhhhhh

Jan 14, 2021
Kinda? What, you're only a lesbian on holidays? [I'm just joking] You can do this if you're a lesbian. The majority of spells are gender-neutral. They're written in a heterosexual context [because, you know, ''default''] but you can cast it and personalize it to you.

What if you think someone is making you dream of them? Ive been dreaming about kissing a guy i don’t even know!

What if you’re gay?

Jan 03, 2022
I know it says ''girls only'' but reading it over, it should work for anyone. Most spells are for everyone [the only exception maybe for something like ''become pregnant'' because you need specific requirements for that one] This reads like a manifestation for your crush, so it should work for everyone.

I fail to see why this is gender specific. This is a basic visualization and intention spell anyone can cast. You might wish to use other spells unless all you want is for them to have a dream about you. If you are hoping they will ask you out, I would cast a love spell along with this one.

I just did it; I'll post regular updates in the comments section

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