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Name: Zythrc
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I am a witch. Theres not much for me to put on my biography, but here are two things about me: Im 20 years old, and I?ve been a witch for 4 years. Feel free to send me mail. Just remember the rules while sending something to me. I dont spoon-feed.. I will also not do spells for people. Heres a fun fact about me: Im Wiccan. I will not share much information on this page. But I will answer questions. It depends on the question. I will help younger learning students as much as possible but again, I will not spoon feed nor share all my knowledge to public. Im currently helping a young student of mine who is clueless of magick. If you need help I suggest the forums. There is a ton of spells on this website, so do not ask me ordinary magick. My specialty is Spells, Astral Project, and faeries. I will answer little questions here and there. Just so you know, I will not be very active because of college and my school work. Thank you for your time, but this is all the information I will type on this page.