9 Knot Break up spell

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This is a spell to cause a breakup between your ex and their current girlfriend, and get your ex and you back together.

Casting Instructions for '9 Knot Break up spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A black cord (12 inches long)
  • A cauldron or fire pit
  • Fire
  • Rose seeds
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A black cord (12 inches long)
  • A cauldron or fire pit
  • Fire
  • Rose seeds
Knot of one, they're love is done. (Tie knot)
Knot of two, their romance is through. (Tie Knot)
Knot of three, miserable she'll be. (Tie knot)
Knot of four, their flame is no more. (Tie knot)
Knot of five, our love is alive. (Tie knot)
Knot of six, it's me he'll pick. (Tie Knot)
Knot of seven, Our love will be heaven. (Tie Knot)
Knot of eight, our love will be great. (Tie Knot)
Knot of nine this last one will bind. (Tie knot)

Take the cord and burn it. Scoop up the ashes and bury them in an open space, and plant the rose seeds within the ash ridden soil. Let the roses grow naturally. As the roes grow, so will your lovers, love for you.


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This seems like a very well made spell! I shall be trying this soon on my old girlfriend once I get the cord. What should the cord be made of exactly and does it have to be exactly 12 inches long? And does the cord have to be a specific width? I shall post back if the spell works for me!

Jun 24, 2020
Ooh please give me an update! Thank you

Jul 17, 2020

what if the rose bush is already there??

Oct 07, 2020
It tells you to plant seeds in the ashy soil. You aren't supposed to bury it under a living rosebush. If you do, I suppose the health of the bush will tell you how the spell is going [which is usually the case when you bury spell items under a plant]

Can I use black yarn?

Oct 06, 2021
That works

Oct 07, 2021
Nekoshema, thank you so much.

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