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This isn't really a spell but it's my advice on magic.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Faith is the best tool in magic even those that seem like fake spells can be done with enough faith, frequency is also a great tool in magic. If you can tune your frequency to the right one things will go much more smoothly we are but spirits having a physical experience emotions are frequency and can influence things so be careful.

Visualization is the key to completing any spell, illnesses such as cancer are all from spiritual/chakra imbalances however viruses are not but letting them in is a imbalance do your own research on this subject.

Self hate and self rejection are the most dangerous things to proper balance start loving and accepting yourself if not that could cause problems such as eczema as you hate yourself the body responds with stuff like that and body fat.


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Every other sentence I agree with. Faith powers many things, and belief in spells is important, but it will not overpower reality and make fake spells work. Yes positive thinking, law of attraction, affirmations, balancing chakras, and other positive energy techniques can help you heal mentally, spiritually and physically. However, happy thoughts alone will not cure serious illnesses such as cancer. Moreover, while a strong spiritual practice and positive energy workings can help with mental health like depression, it will not cure your mental illness. It will help you cope and heal, but you will still need therapy and medication, just as you will need medicine for cancer, or a cast for a broken arm. Medicine is the best medicine, Magic would assist the healing. As for the self-loathing point, correct, your mental health can effect your physical and spiritual health, but they are all connected. If you lay inside eating chips, you will feel low and your energy will be low. If you go out for a walk, things improve slightly, and if you switch the chips for fruit it will improve more. Forming healthy habits, nurturing a positive mindset, keeping a gratitude journal, daily meditation and energy work, these things can help your overall wellness. It still does not mean hoping hard enough will make the impossible possible, though.

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