Darkest Vampire

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A vampire spell made by the king vlad himself.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 5 Black Candles
  • 1 Red Candles
  • Photo Target
  • A Huge Isolated Room
  • Circle

Casting Instructions for 'Darkest Vampire'


Ok, first of all you will need 5 black candles and 1 red candle to begin the casting of the spell. You will also need a photo of the target of the spell (if you want to harm someone else get a photo of that person, or if you want to conjure the powers of evil within you prepare a photo of yourself)

Put the 5 black candles in a circle about 6.ft (2m) in diameter in the room in which you spend most of your time (attention, ritual must be performed at night, after the sun has set). Put the red candle inside the circle and light them (make sure the red one is the last you light).

Next take off all of your clothes and kneel inside the circle facing the red candle. Say these exact words (in your head): "Great masters of evil and darkness, grant me the gift of invoking your powers"
If you want to be the emissary of darkness on Earth take your photo and burn it on the flame of the red candle saying this: "Ascultati la mine demonilor, dracilor si vrajitoarelor. Ma supun intunericului, ma supun puterilor raului si haosului. Va spun acum creaturilor ale infernului, faceti din mine ambasadorul durerii si al raului pe pamant, faceti din mine mesagerul sufletelor voastre! Va ordon sa imi umpleti sufletul cu otrava care a facut din Vlad cel mai temut demon intre oameni. Ma leg la setea vesnica de sange si de durere, ma leg la o viata in intuneric si de aducere a terorii intre oameni"

Translation:  "Listen to me demons, devils and witches! I obey darkness; I obey the powers of evil and chaos. I tell you now creatures of the inferno, make me the ambassador of pain and evil on Earth, make me the messenger of souls! I order you to fill my soul with the poison that made Vlad the most feared Demon among men! I pledge to eternal thirst of blood and pain; I pledge to a life of darkness and I vow to bring terror among men!
Now you must visualize yourself as what you want to become, visualize yourself as the darkest creature, do not rush this step, it is very important!s it, congratulations dark one!

Now, for the other part, making someone suffer: Take the photo of your target and burn it in the flame of one of the black candles while saying this:  "Dracilor, demonilor si creature ale intunericului, faceti din acest om tinta puterilor voastre, faceti-l sa sufere, faceti-l sa simta toata puterea raului pe pamant. Faceti din viata lui un calvar, sa simta durere cum nu a mai simtit nimeni. Trimiteti, Stapani ai Infernului, creatura cea mai intunecata, cea mai infricosatoare pe urmele lui. Trimiteti emisarul dupa aces tom, trimiteti pe Vlad!"

Translation: Devils, demons and creatures of darkness, make this man/woman the target of all your powers, make him/her suffer; make him/her feel all the power of evil on earth. Make his/her life a disaster. Make him/her feel pain, make him/her wish he/she was dead. Lords of Hell, send the darkest creature after him/her, send the most frightening being in all existence to make him/her pay. Oh Great Lords, send Vlad!

Now try to imagine your victim suffer, try to see him feeling pain. Again, do not rush this step, all the words you have said must translate into this imagination. Now lift up the red candle (while kneeling) and place it outside the circle. Blow out the candles starting with the red one and continuing with the black ones in a counter-clockwise direction. Step out of the circle with your left foot first.
That's it, now you just have to wait to see that person suffer. Now lift the red candle in the air with both hands (while kneeling) and feel the powers of evil surround you. Put the candle down and blow out the candles starting with the black ones in a counter-clockwise direction (make sure the red one is the last one you blow out).

Immediately you will feel a thirst, a craving for something, you will know what you crave once you quench your thirst.


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I would like to say this would work as a curse, except the claim Vlad made this, and he included a photo of the victim? Did he just get an oil painting of his enemies before cursing them? Also the line about turning the caster into what they were meant to be, I assume it's a vampire, and since you cannot transform because that is not how real Magic works, I feel fairly certain this is fake, especially if you expect to become a vampire.

Jan 17, 2024
well, i belive vampires are real, but tadashi, since i know you don't belive in vampires, it could just be a curse or a hex or a torture/death spell/curse

Jan 17, 2024
@Code78 Vampires are astral beings from what I understand. The blood-sucking vampires depicted in popular culture don't exist. Granted there are people who drink small amounts of blood and call themselves vampires, but they don't need blood to survive nor do they have supernatural abilities. There are also psychic vampires, but those are just humans who are able to drain energy from others.

Jan 18, 2024
This is my last response to you, so listen well, I know vampires are astral beings because I have met them on the astral plane. I know they are not physical beings because they do not reside on the physical plane. I know Magik on the physical is a natural energy, and it does not defy nature. These spells are made up nonsense by people who do not understand Real Magik or Real Witchcraft. Do your research, Code78.

Does the candle shape matter?

Jan 24, 2021
I doubt it, though I might consider carving the victim's name into the candle.

Jan 25, 2021
OK, thanks!

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