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Name: Sora111
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Hello der my name is Gabriel (23) yrs old and just ask. I'm here for friendship and only that cause we d' probably live so far away... I suffer from Anorexia and other disorders since 17 years old. I loved. I cried. I Missed and now I need it !!!!
I want to make something clear 'I d' believe in mermaids'
Favourite Hobbits : Apart from bilbo I like writing, acting, singing, dancing, song writing, hide and seek, hide and seek in the house without light, Soccer, Kung Fu, Ice Skating, Ice Dancing, and more.
Interested in Astral Projection , Lucid Dreams , Kinesis Powers , Aliens , Demons , Magic , Witchcraft , Chakras , Self Healing , Medicinal Herbs , Alchemy and ofcourse my goal is to achieve immortality.
'' they always were with me only so I could give them money. They used me. And during parties and hang outs , they didn't invite me cause I'm strange for them. And I am too much for when they flirt with girls. I'm ugly and even for girls. This was long time a go. Now It's been a while of lonely time. ''