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Some may say it's impossible to become a therian. If you do this spell and it works, you may have been a therian all along. Try it anyway, if you think you may be a therian, or you think that therians are cool. If this does not work, don't blame me.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black marker
  • Two pieces of paper
  • White candle
  • Phone with earbuds or headphones

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Therian'


Draw the therian symbol (Theta Delta) on the back of your hand. It can be your left or right hand. Write the following spell on the first piece of paper. Now light the white candle and say three times:

"O (deity you worship), I wish to be whole
Bind me to the animal in my soul
I wish to be a therian, awaken me!
Let me know my theriotype and be free.

Make me a therian, let me awaken soon.
Give me an animal soul by the light of the Moon.
I will not discriminate, I do not care,
If it is a skunk or a fox or a bear.

I am a therian! I am not human!
My inside soul is not my outside skin!
I am a therian! Awaken me!
Show me the animal within!

Let me mentally shift to be just like it!
Let me dream of being it and see it!
Let me phantom shift to feel like I am it!
Let me sense shift to sense like I am it!
I shall shift! I shall shift!
As I am a therian!

Let me awaken to my inner animal! I beg and plead!
This is my will, so mote it be."

Now listen to some music. I suggest some music specifically for therian shifting, spiritual awakening, or something along those lines. Try not to use anything with lyrics. If you wish, use a guided meditation and ignore the steps below.

As you listen, think of all the animals you love, and all the animals you're like, and all the possible things that could be your theriotype. But don't try to pick and choose. If you love love love cats, don't disregard the fox that you might be. Let the god/dess or spirit you contacted tell you. Go into your subconscious. Use gemstones if you must. Now imagine a beautiful place. A wild natural area that you feel safe in. What can you see? Hear? Smell? Focus on this area. Take it in.

Now you notice a mist, swirling up from a body of water, or down from the sky if there is no water. The mist comforts you as it surrounds you, bringing you to the spirit world. Then, the mist dissipates, slowly, revealing the world of spirit. What does it look like?

Now, the mist appears again, fading into a wall of mist before you. Feel a presence. This is your spirit animal, your theriotype. Feel a deep connection with this unseen beast. Now, its nose, muzzle, beak, snout or whatever else pokes out. Do not be startled by what you see. Take it in. Touch it. What is it? What may it belong to?

The mist fades away, revealing your theriotype. What is it? Did the animal you see surprise you? Do not fear. Know that this is you, this is the real you. Let it do what it wishes. If it comes to you, touch it. If not, watch it. See the intelligence in its eyes. It is you. That is your intelligence. Your subconscious has shown you who you are, who you wish to be. This is you. Take in its eyes, its body, every part of it. Remember it. This is your spirit animal, and your theriotype.

Now let the animal give you its spirit and awaken you. It will do so how it wishes. When you have received its spirit, bid it farewell. It should let you leave, but you carry a part of it back. You are now an animal, and a therian. Let the mist encircle you, and feel the presence still there as the mist surrounds you. When it clears, you are back in the nice place you imagined. Go to the water if there is any, and touch it. If not, sit down and raise your arms to the sky. And now, open your eyes slowly. You have just seen your theriotype.

Once you have meditated, draw the footprint or pawprint of your theriotype on the palm of the Theta Delta hand. Draw the therian symbol again on the second piece of paper, then draw the footprint/pawprint under it, then the name of your theriotype species. Burn that paper, then fold up the spell paper. Keep it in a safe secret spot.


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i think it would be good if this was labelled as how to shift rather than how to BECOME a therian, but this is a really good spell to connect with your theriotype! thanks my dude

Mar 04, 2024
Shifting has a couple categories it's never physical and it's never discovering if you're a Therian it would be under feeling or thinking remembering etc like your stereotype.

Mar 04, 2024
I didn't say stereotype I said Theriotyp3 the autocorrects trying to murder me

As far as I am aware, a Therian is a human who is born with a non-human spirit. This spirit is usually of a creature that does not exist on earth, such as a werewolf or dragon. An otherkin would be the same thing, only a creature found on earth like a cat or a horse. I doubt a spell could make you one since it is something you are born as. However, I will go out on a limb and say since you can transform your astral form to appear as anything, you could use this to help you shape your astral body, but you would not be a therian.

Mar 26, 2021
you have therian and otherkin reversed! otherkinity is based on creatures that aren't earthly/real in nature, while theriathropy is the opposite

Mar 27, 2021
Thank you for the correction, I will keep that in mind in future.

Oct 15, 2023
Cap if animals aren't real than your delusional, I believe you are talking about otherkin or otherheart

Oct 16, 2023
Yukuan, who are you upset with? Tadashi was explaining what otherkin/therians are and azracoyote corrected him [because Tadashi got the spirits reversed Otherkin: a physical human with the spirit of an astral being Therian: a physical human with an animal spirit] Nobody said animals weren't real.

You cannot become a therian. You are born as one.

People are born therians, they can't become them via a spell. This spell might be better for channeling your theriotype or helping with shifting, but you cannot become a therian by will. Being a therian is not a choice.

Mar 07, 2024
To be fair, when you consider it thoroughly there is still choice to it. Though the perspective of that choice is different. It is not a matter of choosing to be therian/otherkin. Rather, once you reach that realization it is about whether or not you choose to make that information an active part of your life. And also how you use that personal insight- whether it be as a tool for introspection and growth, or as a method of escape and fantasy, that choice too is yours.

During my own introspection, and after many (very many) similar conversations and musings, the best way I have managed to explain the difference is like this;

It is not a matter of having convinced yourself that you are. Instead, it is a matter of being unable to convince yourself that you are not.

If your being therian/otherkin is truth, then it is your natural state. It is always there as an influence, and has always been there coloring your perspectives and outlooks. It doesn't change who you are, it holds up a mirror so you can see what is there.

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