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This spell allows you to enchant an item. You can charge the item to only have one of your abilities, and give it as a gift until the energy runs out, or to enhance in certain spells. If you have any questions, Mail me.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Item
  • Things to charge your item
  • Creativity
  • Time

Casting Instructions for 'Enchant an Item Spell'


First, choose what you are going to do with your item.
Are you going to charge the item with an ability? Or are you going to charge the item to enhance in certain spells?

Next, choose what kind of item you will need, and who to give it to.
Will this item be something to wear? Like a bracelet, a necklace or ring. Or something to hold? Like a wand, or other item.

Personally, I would choose something to wear or having a wand.

(if you want to make a wand, you can Mail me)

Decorate your item.

Now that you have your item, you need to charge it.

How do I charge it? You ask. Well, there is many ways to do this, and YOU get to choose the way you do this. Remember, this is YOUR energy, so YOU pick.

1. Sunlight

2. Moon light - this is best done under the full moon - and NOT new moon.

3. Oils

4. Herbs

5. Rubbing flower pedals (scent) especially good for glamor spells. You can spray purfume, however its not recommended since it has chemicals, however you can make your own purfume.

6. Charging it with elements: Take your item and let it go through candle smoke (fire and air) then cleanse it with salt water (earth and water)

7. Bury it under a tree, graveyard, backyard, and recieve it the next day

8. Rub your hands vigorously together, now hold the item with your writing hand and imagine your energy going through your arm into the item.

9. Make your own chant and imagine your energy entering the item.

10. Think of POSITIVE emotions. Never pick this item up when angry. Or it will turn on you and backfire (kind of like if you get mad and a kid thinks you are mad at them.)

11. charge it with quartz, crystal, etc.

You don't need to choose just ONE way to charge the item. You can do multiple ways.
For example: If I am enchanting an item to work upon wish manifestation, I might attach a ball to the end of the wand and add dandelion seeds,
Or if I have a wand for spiritual spells, I might want to let it charge in the moonlight.

After you charge your item, you need to have a way to activate it and make it work.

First, it needs to feel your energy. Play with it. For example, if its a wand, make a figure eight symbol, or write your name, etc in the air.

Think of a chant/movement that will activate the item, such as:

"Magick, Magick
Come to be
Show me what I want to see"

Or  you can make a Letter with the item, or have a "password"

then to perform a task you can make a chant, etc.

You also need to command it and show the rules,
For example if I have a wand that I am giving as a give for wish manifestation and I only want them to have ten wishes, I can tell the wand directly, or put it in the chant, etc.

Have fun enchanting :)

If you need help, just mail me.

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I dont have a wand, and would really like to make one for myself, can you teach me how? thanks

Apr 24, 2020
You usually just get a stick and enchant it.

Can you enchant a journal and pen? And how do you charge an item with a quartz/crystal?

I started on a staff it was harvested from lilac tree . Is a wand better ?

Can I enchant an item to give off a faint glow when it is near a magic item

Nov 20, 2020
Giving off a faint glow is fantasy magick, so it is not possible.

Feb 02, 2021
If you are a medium, you will see a magick item glow.. my wife is a medium and she can see my enchanted wedding ring glow

Feb 02, 2021
Most people will be able to feel the energy emanating off the object, unless you can see auras [like a medium as Corrupt mentioned] you won't see a glow. Keep in mind, this is energy, so strengthening your sixth sense can help you see it as the energy isn't physical but spiritual.

Thank ToxxicKira. This is great 💯% Will you be kind enough to explain to all the importance of placing the object in the ground?

What about a knife can i enchant as well or does it have to something else???

Nov 07, 2021
I do not see why you couldn't enchant a knife. However I will say this spells terminology confuses me. Such as what is meant by enchanting an item with an ability.

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