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Ability to kill living things.
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Casting Instructions for 'Necrokinesis'

What you are about to read next is dangerous material. I've contacted admin so this article won't be edited after I finish it. Everyone has the right to know this information.

Necrokinesis is the ability to modify or incur death. There are different ways to make this happen, but they all require an extreme amount of mental power. Think about it this way: moving an object is relatively simple compared to killing someone.

Facts: -The smarter the organism, the harder it's to kill it. You can easily provoke an ant's demise but it might take you a decade of training to kill a person. -This is very dangerous for obvious reasons and you should only use it for self-defense. -You should start by learning Telekinesis and practicing every exercise to increase your mental power. Don't jump straight ahead into necrokinesis as this is the hardest of all kinesis.

Exercises: The way you can kill an organism depends. All organisms have weakness, for example if you deprive us of oxygen for just a few minutes we'll die. If some connections in our brain fail, we will die. If our heart stops we'll die... and so on. Necrokinesis focuses in those weaknesses. With your brain power, you should be able to stop any vital process of an organism and incur death. As you can probably imagine this is extremely difficult so you need a very ample knowledge of how our body works. If you want to stop a heart from working, start by knowing how the heart functions so you know what to stop. In telekinesis you focus all your mind power in trying to move an object. It's the same here: focus all your mind power in stopping a vital process. Focus everything you have in your target's heart to stop. If done correctly, the person will begin to look in pain and eventually die. This is very dangerous knowledge so use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. This knowledge is like a personal gun: You can use it for bad, but they are supposed to be for self-defense.

Other aspects of necrokinesis Some people argue that necrokinesis is the ability to make "dead people" move. While this may be possible, it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Think about all the mind power you need to move every single muscle of a person. Moving an object is relatively simple because you only have to move it one way, but humans have thousands of muscles and bones and you'd have to somehow move them all in coordination. Even though this is not impossible, it won't happen anytime soon.

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This is a good article for explaining what Necrokinesis is however people still shouldn’t touch this side of magic. This is considered black magick and is very dangerous to study this, Most spellcasters (or whatever you like to call it) do not venture into this, they try to stay away from it as much as they can

Oct 12, 2020
Black magic is a broad term. Black magic isn't 100% bad

Oct 12, 2020
Magic is a neutral energy. The concept of black verses white Magic is a popular but misguided way of labeling spells. Nothing is completely good or evil, as it is our intention and morals that give a spell the perception of good or evil. Is it evil to kill an animal for food? Is it wrong to kill a murderer? These are moral dilemmas only you can answer for yourself. As for labeling things as white or black, this has roots in racism. When the ruling class was white, they rationalized this by claiming they were Godly and pure, while darker skin tones were sinful and impure. Over centuries, it has become an accepted polarization that white represents the light or good, and black represents the dark or evil. The fact is, nothing in nature falls neatly into all good or all evil. All you can do is ask yourself if this is right or wrong based on your morals. Spell casters who follow a ''harm none'' path, or feel death spells are morally wrong do not cast them, but that is not to say most avoid ''black Magic'' as much as possible.

Mar 10, 2022
Tadashi is right about this, also we hurt bad person (-minus x -minus = +), then we support good person (+plus x +plus = +), we need destructive element for clearing the obstacle like ''Mahadeva Shiva'' in hinduism.

I agree with Tadashi...Magic itself is neither good or bad, not light nor dark... The way I see it, magic is merely a tool used to carry out one's intent.....if someone were to kill another person with a knife, would one view the knife as evil? No they would blame the person....The same rules should be applied to magic, its that simple.

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