to ressurect the dead

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A spell to bring back the dead.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Athame/boyline
  • 1 altar cloth
  • Plastic/glass jar or container
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Symbols of Osiris
  • Heart/blood of an animal
  • 4 white candles
  • Holy water

Casting Instructions for 'to ressurect the dead'

A living animal sacrifice is required, so 1-2 days before the ritual go to a forest near a source of running water, and you can either take an animal (large) with you, or call out for one when you are there. Sit near the source of running water with your stuff laid out on the altar cloth in front of you and chant:

"Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay. Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay. The gods do command thee from thy majesty. Oh mapulamun. Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay, come forward blessed one. Now know your calling, come forward oh blessed one".

As soon as the animal is in front of you, stab it until it is dead, (avoiding the heart). Then say:" Accept our humble gratitude for your offering: in death you give life, may you find wings to the kingdom". Cut out the heart of the animal with as much blood as you can.

This ritual should be performed at the dead persons grave site, at midnight exactly. Be warned, Osiris will test you to see if you are worthy. Performed with 5 people, the most powerful witch facing the grave stone, the other four people holding lit candles on each side of the grave. The most powerful witch will then pour the blood into the earn, and starts: "Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us!".

The witch dabs her finger into the blood and does a line going down her forehead, and one on each cheek facing inwards. then continues: "Before time and after, before knowing and nothing". The witch then pours all the blood from the earn onto the grave.Then shouts: "Accept our offering, know our prayer, Osiris. Here lies (person) of the people. Please let her/ him cross over, Osiris, let him/ her cross over".

The witch then waits.

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Is it really possible to bring back the dead!?

Jan 05, 2019
No it is not. Spells that go against the laws of nature are not effective.

This person is unknown. Why?

May 16, 2019
It's from 12 years ago, the site might of been different then, or they deleted there account and we don't have the username anymore? Not sure, just ideas.

1. Animal cruelty is NEVER ok. They are our friends and equal. 2. This is the real world. You are not a bloody extra in an episode of AHS coven. 3. I think you might want to think a bit and try to remember all that stuff about the rule of 3 and messing with the unnatural and causing no harm and what not. Yeah. Oops.

Dec 04, 2019
Sorry for the rant. This was just the stupidest spell I have ever read. They're clearly hoodoo based, no issue with that, but encouraging people to violently stab a living creature to death, to try to achieve something that is impossible, is both delusional and psychopathic, IMO.

Dec 04, 2019
it's fine, we're human, you didn't break the site rules [except for maybe the text speak at the end, that's debatable. just a grey area, no big deal] and i agree, while a lot of this is ridiculous, the most offensive/dangerous/wrong part would be the animal sacrifice. there are a few religions that do participate in animal sacrifice, it's rare and the animal is treated with the utmost respect and dignity as it is a gift to the Gods and isn't meant to suffer.

...ok honestly all I'm even looking at this for is a way to see my little kitty just one more time. I came expecting some way to do that, but instead read a likely false spell that involves killing an animal in the most disgusting, brutal way. I'm surprised the false spells are not deleted.

Feb 27, 2020
Regarding false spells, unless they break site rules [self-harm or swearing] they won't be deleted. If you find a spell that encourages harm your yourself or others, mail the site administrator Petrarca and he will delete it. Otherwise, nothing we can do about it [don't bother Pet with every fake spell. hit the spam link and he will get to it when he has a free moment] As for your cat, depending on how long ago they passed it might be more difficult to contact them, but you can try skrying. Have a photo of your cat along with a few items it had in life. You could also ask Freya or Bast to assist you in saying goodbye as they watch over cats, but I would give them an offering of thanks should you call on them.

Feb 28, 2020
I, well, she was killed nearly six years ago. It was an accident, but still my fault. She was my familiar, as well as my best friend. I hadn't really studies necromancy or spirit contacting until now, and now that on strong enough to do some of it I've been looking everywhere for a way to talk to her, just to tell her I'm sorry and explain how much I regret it. I was half forced into finding a way to get rid of her, and she ran. I found her dead on the.side.of a road with a hole in her chest. If I hadn't betrayed Luna like that she'd still be alive. And now I'm kinda ranting so that's all

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