Basic Healing

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This spell is used to induce basic healing for yourself or others.

Casting Instructions for 'Basic Healing'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red or black cord
  • Fire
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red or black cord
  • Fire
Bind the afflicted body part (arm, leg, hand, etc.) with the red or black cord. Tie it tightly and say:

I do not bind the (name the body part). I bind the disease residing there that it may leave the flesh and spirit of this person and enter the cord. Great Mother and Father, aid me in my work here. The disease is bound into the cord; only flames can release it hence! So mote it be!

Untie the cord, and throw quickly into the fire. Visualize the disease being destroyed, evaporating in the flames. This takes great concentration but is very effective.


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what if you don't have a fire?

Jul 31, 2019
i would bury it, but it would take longer for the pain to go away since earth is a slower energy and fire is more instant. i would consider looking into psi balls and energy healing, those only require your ability to focus energy. keep in mind the wound won't instantly disappear, it just removes pain and speeds healing.

I want to heal someone from a distance from dementia. I have been prevented from seeing him by his negative friends

What ia a cord?

Oct 17, 2019
Nevermind i found it

May 06, 2022
More importantly, Why should we use red and black color for the cord?

Jun 02, 2022
Red is often associated with luck, along with strength and command or will. Black is associated with 'drawing in' and absorption. An absence or emptiness needing to be filled. It is also a color associated with authority and command. (Think of a police or security uniform, or military parade uniforms. Or even manager uniforms in stores. Most often they carry a significant amount of black.)

Keep the spell all 365 days

Need black magic spells protection

Dec 17, 2019
''Black'' magick is magick with negative intention, it is rather tricky for a protection spell to fall under this as generally they are not aimed to be negative or positive, simply to protect a space or person. You may want to look into writing one yourself to best results.

Hi,I am new to the site and want to heal a friend. I can't use o jects though as my parents don't know I'm I to this stuff and don't believe in it. Basically,I need a strong g chant for Mr friends to heal them.

Jun 28, 2022
I would suggest investigating Reiki and other practices focused on energy working/healing touch.

''Hands of light'' by Barbara Brennan is a good primer, if a little bit of a dry read. Other books you can get would be ''the reiki manual'' by Penelope Quest, ''Eastern body, western mind'' which combines energy-working with psychology, ''chakras and chakra healing'' by Susan Shumsky, and ''wheels of life'' by Anodea Judith.

Healing is a journey of study and practice. And it often begins with 'physician, heal thy-Self'. But even a couple first steps into the path can open up several avenues of practice.

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