Invoke Death

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Call death upon those you deem deserving.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 black candles
  • 1 small bowl
  • Water (preferably from a natural river)
  • Quill and red ink (or a red pen)
  • 1 small piece of paper
  • 1 rose
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine Oil

Casting Instructions for 'Invoke Death'

Please note: This has a greater chance of working when done in the presents of a full moon. This does however, NEED to be done at night. The closer to midnight the last step is done, the more effective this spell shall be. This spell also isn't guarenteed to kill the person, but even if it doesn't, the person will experiance some sort of pain or suffering, be it emotionally, mentally or indeed physically.

It is recommended that you get as much sleep as possible before casting this spell. This is so you can rest your mind and regain your energy, which is vital for this spell. I also recommend you sleep because you may not get very many hours of sleep whilst casting this spell.

Light your 3 candles. Place two either side of you, and one infront of you. Place the bowl of water in between you and the candle infront of you, and place your quill, ink, paper, rose, lavender and jasmine oil in between you and the bowl. Make sure you are in a quiet, dark area. Meditate in this layout until you have cleared your mind. This will help you focus on the spell.

Once you have finished your meditation, anoint your forehead, throat, heart, abdomen and feet, and sit in the lotus position (if you weren't already). Pick up your quill and dip it in your ink (or just take your red pen). Picture the person you wish death upon, and write their full birthname on the paper (the name written on their birth certificate).

Pick up your rose. Pick off the petal furthest away from you, and rub the name you have written on the paper with it. (PLEASE MAKE SURE that the ink is dry, even if you used a pen. Smudging the name can be a serious danger, and can cause the spell to backfire, which can result in terrible things.)

Next, carefully pick a thorn from the rose and pierce the paper with it. Take out the thorn and kiss the paper. This next part can be dangerous. Pick up your rose. Channel the negativity and darkness within you, and close your eyes. Imagine the person of your choice suffering, dying. Imaging this negative energy and vision projecting into the petals, thorns, stem of your rose. Fill your rose with the darkness and negativity in your soul.

When you feel as if you have achieved the above, open your eyes and look into the flame infront of you, and whisper the following: "Nyx, Erebus, Thanatos. I call upon you, O great deities. Rise from your old thrones once more, and accept the soul I offer. May they be chained to your feet. May they serve you for eternity."

Warning! Next step can be very dangerous, take caution. Burn the paper and rose in the candle. Stare at the flame and continue channeling your darkness and negativity. Once the paper and rose have burned completely, take the ashes, the wick of the candle that you used to burn the items, and a small piece of the wax that had melted. Place these in the bowl of water. Add 6 drops of Jasmine oil, and the lavender. Blow out the rest of the candles and submerge yourself in the darkness.

Kneel down and hold up the bowl above your head. Make sure your eyes are firmly closed and your head faced down. Hold this position for one minute. In this time, clear your mind. Once this has been done, take your bowl somewhere that is exposed to moonlight (best in a full moon). Leave the bowl here overnight. Before the sun rises, go to the place you left the bowl, and pour it next to the nearest tree.

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Is this a spell that you made or is it from a book? I want to make sure I do it correctly. A person has been harassing me and stalking me (plenty more terrible things) and I want to make sure the spell works. Have you tried it?

Nov 18, 2019
The spell jumps back and forth between plausible and not [you have to be in the lotus position, and smudging the name makes it backfire sounds odd to me] also, this seems a little too simple to be a death spell [curse yes, but death, doubtful] give it a try, be sure to focus all your anger and negative energy as you do it. I would also try a banishing, protection, and/or truth spell, as well as gathering evidence and going to the police if someone's stalking you.

Nov 18, 2019
@nekodhema I tried to make reports against them and they got mad and made false reports about me. So I really want to try the death spell because I’m pretty certain one was cast on me.

Nov 18, 2019
how are you certain it was a death spell, and how are you certain it's this person who cast. whatever your symptoms, it could be any number of things from life's natural ups and downs, a curse/hex, to your own negative energy building up over time. That said if you're convinced to cast, go for it.

I looked at all the signs of a death hex and it fit perfectly. That person harassed me for three years and the law won’t do anything about it so I’m trying to find a good death curse so they can leave me alone for good.

Mar 23, 2020
I'll help you.

i'm new to magic I've studied for the past week and found that im more interested in black magic! so i need pointers and to find witch spells are real or fake!(please help)

Jan 03, 2020
Take caution please, there is a law of karma that states whatever you do to others will come back to you times three, so if you choose to use these spells, make sure the person truly deserves it.

Feb 11, 2020
''Black Magick'' is certainly interesting, but it's not something to be jumped into straight away. Many people study for years & years before performing black magick spells & rituals; this is for good reason too as the results can be deadly. I've studied Black Magick for the past 5yrs almost exclusively. Not for it's use's but for counter protection. As a spellcaster I need to know what to guard against. It is also advantageous if the need ever should arise to be adept in the dark arts.

Feb 12, 2020
Magic is intention, not colour. ''Black Magic'' is merely Magic focusing on negative energy instead of positive energy. If you understand how Magic works, you can preform any spell. Most advise against jumping straight into negative Magic because it requires more of a moral grounding. Plus, charging so much negative energy so frequently can cause a lot of negative effects in your life as negative energy builds up more and lingers far longer than positive energy.

Oops just checked the date. Anywho if it's still happening i'll fix it.

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