Ancient Curse

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Will strick the person dead.

Casting Instructions for 'Ancient Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing but the more people the better.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing but the more people the better.
Say : ''Powers of Night, I call upon you by no mean magic but by the Ancient Laws of Necessity to fall upon (the) _______. May no day seem bright to (him/her), no love true to (him/her), until (he/she) has atoned for his crime(s)!
Powers of the Sea, womb from which we are all born, mighty ocean on whose currents we are all carried, may all courses (he/she) chooses go awry! Rise up to engulf (the) _________, O' Sea, and drown (him/her) in your dark tides!
Powers of Earth, may (he/she) find no peace upon your surface! May (he/she) doubt every step (he/she) takes, and every (man/woman) on whom (he/she), and every (man/woman) (he/she) loves, until the chasm yawns beneath (him/her) and (he/she) falls.


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This is a great spell.

Has anyone had any sucess with it?

Oct 20, 2022
I've had success with death spells, but it's a huge risk. I haven't done this one, it was my own. It has a lot of ingredients and takes a lot of energy. Be very wary while doing black magick, cause if you don't do it right, or hurt someone innocent.. it comes back to you threefold.

Oct 22, 2022
I'm going to push back on a few points, energymeow. Death spells are kind of a grey area that some don't believe in [But I know some witches who have cast them, so I believe they're real. It requires A LOT of energy] You should think through every spell, but especially spells to do harm. This isn't because of threefold law [a Wiccan concept, not a universal witchcraft law] but a combination of how energy works and how the universe works. First of all, magick is intention, not colour. While categorizing spells into colours is common and can be useful [green magick for money, red magick for love] the black and white labelling of magick has historically racist roots. It was used to differentiate the ''good'' magick white people used [typical European witchcraft] and ''evil'' magick black people cast [see African spiritualism and rootwork] When it's all the same neutral energy source, the method comes down to the craft you specifically follow [Voodoo, hedge witch, death witch, kitchen witchcraft, Wicca] and each path has it's own views on how to work with magick [some might only do spells with herbs, while others have animal sacrifices. One is not evil and the other is good, it's simply the morality of their path] Curses, hexes and death spells are usually seen as a form of justice [don't cast them because you're bored because the universe has a way of balancing things out and you will get blowback] understanding you need to call in negative energy [anger, rage, hatred] to cast these spells, you should also understand negative energy is dense and can linger far longer in a space than positive energy [which is why you should cleanse after casting as well as protect yourself during your spell] negative effects after a curse are usually the result of this energy stuck to you and you didn't cleanse it away [you then start to panic the spell backfired or karma's after you, you charge more chaotic energy and before you know it, you cursed yourself] I do agree never curse someone innocent [you should also consider if this spell is targeting someone, will it also target people they live with?] but it's not the threefold law coming for you if you do, it's how magick finds balance. If you did wrong to someone innocent, at best the spell won't work, at worst, the spell will return to you.

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