Ancient Curse


Nothing but the more people the better.


Will strick the person dead.

Spell Casting

Say : "Powers of Night, I call upon you by no mean magic but by the Ancient Laws of Necessity to fall upon (the) _______. May no day seem bright to (him/her), no love true to (him/her), until (he/she) has atoned for his crime(s)!
Powers of the Sea, womb from which we are all born, mighty ocean on whose currents we are all carried, may all courses (he/she) chooses go awry! Rise up to engulf (the) _________, O' Sea, and drown (him/her) in your dark tides!
Powers of Earth, may (he/she) find no peace upon your surface! May (he/she) doubt every step (he/she) takes, and every (man/woman) on whom (he/she), and every (man/woman) (he/she) loves, until the chasm yawns beneath (him/her) and (he/she) falls.
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