Turn Yourself into a Vampire

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With this spell, you can be a vampire.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 needle
  • 1 dish

Casting Instructions for 'Turn Yourself into a Vampire'

At midnight on a Friday or Tuesday, prick your finger. Put a drop of blood on the dish. Then chant: "take my soul and bend it, shape it and turn me into a vampire. For I call upon the mistress of vampires, make me one of your kind!" Then after you chant, drink the blood, you will be able to be in the sunlight, it will just seem hotter than normal.

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You cannot become a vampire.

Sep 21, 2019
Don't have anything better to do, do you. If you don't believe in things like this then get off

Sep 21, 2019
Are you really checking every single vampire spell on this site to comment that

Sep 23, 2019
You can't kick someone off the site for not agreeing with you, Tadasho isn't breaking any rules. This is a site for real pagans to discuss their paths and study magick. The spell section is full of fake spells, and if Tadashi chooses to point out the fake ones, he can. If he chooses to go into a deep explaination on why, or just copy/paste a response, it's his choice. [He's also stated many times he does believe in magick and has been practicing Wicca his whole life, reading his profile would clear up your confusion]

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