Vampire Protection Jewelry

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Enchant a piece of jewelry to dull down your pain while in the sunlight.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A dish or glass
  • Basil Leaves (kitchen spice basil works just as well.
  • A single piece of jewelry
  • -->works best on the night of the New Moon

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire Protection Jewelry'

--->Select a dish or glass that can hold water. If you are Pagan, your chalice would be a wonderful tool for this. Fill your container of choice with warm water. Add a bit of basil to the water and stir it gently with your finger. Don't lick your finger, some herbs may be toxic and many are allergic to quite a few of them.

-->Place your jewelry piece into the water and hold the glass in both of your hands.

-->Imagine the light of the moon coursing through you. It enters you, travels through your torso, down your arms, into your fingers, and finally releases itself into the glass. While you do so think about how it is your will to protect yourself from the sun.

-----> Now say these words: "Mother of Night, moon so bright, protect me from the morning light." ~Repeat these words 3 times or until you feel peace.

-->Wear the charmed jewelry ALL the time. Take it off on the nights of the full and new moons and place it under the moonlight in a safe spot.

This will give it extra power to protect you. You won't need to repeat the ritual, but the energy will wear out if you do not charge it.


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This is not at all a health-related spell. It should be relocated to the Fantasy section.

Technically you can call on vampires to spiritually protect you, yet this spells seems to suggest you are a vampire and need safety from the sun, which is ridiculous, you are human.

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