Real Vampire Spell

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This spell allows you to curse blood-shot water (blood is for a better effect) and after the curse you will be able to drink it and gain vampire like powers and effects
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • one small bottle
  • a needle (to bleed yourself for best results)
  • a little bit of water

Casting Instructions for 'Real Vampire Spell'

fill a little bit of water (Not too little tho) and poke yourself with the needle.. put atleast 10 drops of blood there then close the bottle and shake it.. it should be red but if you want to be SURE that it will work i advise more blood
then write on the bottle with red marker ''BEWARE! CURSED BLOOD"
then chant this:i call upon Satan and all the demons from hell to listen to this chant.. i curse the blood inside this bottle if anyone ever drinks it they shall gain the ability to run up to 40 miles per hour gain enough strenght to easily shatter a stone by squshing it with not alot of effort or even carefully pushing it but at the price of having to suffer an insatiable thirst for human blood and burn on sunlight

enjoy... or not.. i guess

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Do not preform this so called "spell", ingesting blood can make you sick, and real magic does not transform people from human to anything else. This will never work, and you could make yourself sick in the process.

Mar 26, 2019
its the only lead i have

You can not become a fictional/mythical creature and as Tadashi said this alleged "spell" can make you severely ill. We may come off as harsh but really we are looking out for you so you don't do something like this and harm yourself in the process. Please be careful and remember not every spell and works or is real on this site. When we use magick we are utilizing natural forces around us to bring change. Sure we can curse people and heal people but we cannot transform into another creature, use a spell to get our ideal body type or use a spell to choose the gender of your child.

Oct 29, 2019
Yes blood can make I'll but only if you digest a certain amount of it by the way vampires are real and little do you think you know magic can bind and bend the will of nature itself while the history of vampires has been fabricated throughout time doesn't mean that vampires aren't real

Oct 29, 2019
no, the lack of evidence for "real" vampires and all the evidence explaining the rise of the myth proves vampires aren't real. vampires are astral beings, they don't dwell on the physical plane [look into psi vampires]

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