The Vampire Diaries Heretic Spell ~2017~ (Vampire and witch)

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Youll be both a witch and vampire like from the tv show the vampire diaries. This is my first spell so im not 100% sure if it works. Please Message me if it does work and the side effects plz. and Good Luck:)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of the heretics
  • Night time
  • A (Bracelet,ring or necklace)
  • Outside

Casting Instructions for 'The Vampire Diaries Heretic Spell ~2017~ (Vampire and witch)'

First put on the piece of jewerly you chose and afterwards say outloud 10x:
''spirits of the un-dead and ancestors i ask you this very night to please turn me into both vampire and a witch. i wish to be a heretic like the ones in the tv show the vampire diaries. I shall have retractable fangs My eyes shall be red with veins under my eyes when im hungry for blood. I shall be able to turn my emotions on and off whenever i wish to. I shall have super speed,strength,agility and senses. I shall have immortality and full control over my blood rush. i shall have mind control as well as deam manipulation and be able to heal humans with my blood. My weakness will be the sunlight. The sunlight shall not burn if im wearing this (jewerly u chose) on. this is who i was meant to be both a vampire and a witch.This is my will so mote it be!!!''

This spell should work in an hour to a few days.
Good Luck:)

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You cannot become a vampire, as for a witch, it is a person who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is a non religious craft. Many combine witchcraft with a spiritual practice, as I do, some do not. There is nothing special about being a witch, it is nothing like the movies.

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