Communicating with Faerie Guide

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Everyone has a Fae Guide and can call upon when they wish to go into the Fae Realm.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • visualization(Which is wanting it to happen and also imagining it happening at the same time)
  • Deep concentration on the task.

Casting Instructions for 'Communicating with Faerie Guide'

Sit in a comfortable position and deeply breathe, not just with your lungs but also stomach. All the way down. Keep breathing. Next, clear the mind. Feel your heart beating and your breath, then clear the mind and relax as you see yourself in a place of nature. See a path, naturally carved into the earth and follow it. Look at the trees, feel the sun and wind, the dirt, and then while walking you see a huge, wise Oak. walking to it you see a small door that as you get close it gets big enough for you. place your hand on it and know you will be going with the help of a guide. You see them appear next to the door. What do they look like? What else about them can you learn?Thank them for help and enter the door with them. There's a portal, a light, and as you walk, you walk faster, not running and finally you are in the Fae Realm. It is so beautiful and feeling safe you look to the right and see a crystal blue lake and more to the right see a forest and waterfall. To the left you see a beautiful natural world and better than TechniColor. Stay there as long as you like knowing you can come back through the door at any time.

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