Become a dragon whenever you choose!!!

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This will allow you to be a dragon whenever you choose!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A picture of a dragon
  • Earth dragon-leaf,dirt,plant
  • fire dragon-imagine a fire or sit in front of one you will be hot!
  • Ice Dragon- Ice cubes you will be cold!
  • Electric Dragon- ds,Phone ect in hands.
  • dark dragon- pitch black no light
  • Light Dragon- brightness everywhere you see!
  • Accessory so you can shift whenever you want!

Casting Instructions for 'Become a dragon whenever you choose!!!'

go in a room (If you are a fire dragon sit in front of the fire if you are gonna imagin it still go in a room) you have to be alone and you must be relaxed put on what you are gonna wear to be able to shift at any time. If you are going to be an Ice dragon Have a cup in front and put however many ice cubes you want thats how cold you will be and your breath will be! If you are going to be an earth dragon put the leaf,dirt,plant in front of you. If you are gonna be an electric dragon hold the electric device. Put the Picture behind you. and chant this 3x:
''Dragons of sky high, how I wish to be you! I wish to soar Just like you! I want my eyes to be (Color of eyes) and I want my dragon form to be (Color of dragon) I will be a dragon in (Days times 5) Please make my wish come true so mote it be!'' Eat the icecube(s) If you are an ice dragon. Nothing is required for the other elements. Keep the accessory on at all times! If you wanna shift at anytime that is... side affects are listed on the ingredients...Oh and you will have an EXTREME body pain for 3 days.

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you cannot physically transform into a Dragon. you could try a guided meditation, or astral projection, but you will not become a Dragon.
really i can
Aug 09, 2019
I'm assuming you're replying to Nekoshema, in which case no, you cannot. Astral shifting is one thing, but physically transforming into a dragon is impossible, and claiming otherwise spreads misinformation.
If u can't shapeshift then hell is only in you imagination
Aug 10, 2019
theoretically you are correct. not every religion has a hell [mine doesn't, i don't believe in heaven or hell, i believe in reincarnation] so one could argue hell is a figment of ones imagination drilled in to us at an early age to fill us with fear and stay on a specific [usually Christian] path. the difference really lies in the fact hell is a place your spirit goes after death, and this spell claims you can shapeshift right now on the physical despite the physical, scientific, and visual evidence that disproves it. magick doesn't contradict nature, that's just a fact of life on the physical plane, you are human, no spell will change that.

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