Summoning the Dragon God

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Gain protection of the Dragon God and his 12 guardians in your life.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 12 candles (blue, red, green, yellow, white, black, teal, gold, silver, pink, orange, teal)
  • A hand-made harp

Casting Instructions for 'Summoning the Dragon God'


Place the 12 candles in a circle around you evenly (this is important, as you will be invoking 12 of his aspects and the telluric currents of the spell must be balanced properly to gain his attention).

Chant this line directly after you set the circle of candles:
"Of divine rest shall be
Guardians of the dragon creed"

Light the candles in the order listed. As you light them you must chant the appropriate lines to bring each of the spirits to the candle's flame:

  1. Blue - "the frigid queen"
  2. Red  - "the enraged man"
  3. Teal  - "the hunter boy"
  4. Yellow - "the pawn of sand"
  5. Black - "the demons blade"
  6. Orange - "the sunlights edge"
  7. White - "the moon's nursemaid"
  8. Gold - "the child pledge"
  9. Pink - "the vain solider"
  10. Green - "the greenglow truth"
  11. Silver - "the clockmaster"
  12. Purple - "the forlorn youth"

After lighting each of the candles and reciting the proper chants, play the handheld harp in the middle of the circle while continuing your chant ((the music played or your playing ability is not relevant to the spell's power. The Dragon God deeply appreciates the sound of a harp and is much more likely to listen to your mortal plea for protection)):

"All will be, all as one
Reunion of their dragonblood
An adornment of holy courage
Pierces the veil of darkness
As one dream ends
Darkness from my life rescinds"

Make sure to chant more loudly as you progress through the spell. You want to the God of Dragons to hear your voice! Let him know you will not be dismissed even if you are a mere mortal. The Dragon God appreciates those who do not allow themselves to speak meekly.

Place the harp at your feet and kneel inside of the circle while meditating for about a minute. You should be feeling pins and needles along your back as the energy of 13 entities have surrounded you- your astral senses are responding to them.

Ask ONE (1) question per ritual. You may ask protection for yourself, a particular person in your life, or protection from a misfortune that will happen in the future. ALWAYS begin addressing the God of Dragons by saying, "Cast not these humble words aside, for I ask of your favor..." then continue to ask for the protection you seek.


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While Dragon Magick is a personal path and there are variations, I've never heard of any of the Dragons mentioned in this which leads me to believe it's fake, but it could work for some I suppose. I'm just very skeptical because I've never met or heard of a Dragon God, only the elemental Dragons that rule over their specific elements.

Jun 24, 2019
I completely agree but the dragons listed could be of the last wearle

Jun 29, 2019
ocean man take me by the hand take me to the land that you understand

Sep 29, 2019
Not to criticize, but you’re every where..

Jan 27, 2022
i believe this is probably fake as well

it worked i can't believe it!

Feb 26, 2021
Really ? Are you saying that it worked? Can you tell what happened exactly please?

There are no dragon gods, this is fake.

Oct 03, 2022
I believe the closest (or at least most commononly) recognized deity is Tiamat. It isn't uncommon for those walking a dragon path to have -some- level of familiarity with this goddess.

After all, she has been known as a primordial deity associated with the birth of dragons, along with being at times depicted as a dragon. A goddess of the sea, mate of Abzu (a God of waterways). By my admittedly limited knowledge she is associated with oceans, deep unknowns (the dark unknown of deep waters)and destruction and creation/death and rebirth.

Somewhere in Mesopotamian creation myth Tiamat, as a great dragon, was slain and torn in half to become the land and sky along with being the mother of the next generation of deities, dragons, and other old beings.

As for the spell itself, While there isn't really any single specific figure defined as the one and only 'dragon god', this could be a working to call for a deity to come and be recognized under a draconic form/expression. Many deities in history come to be known under varying domains and expressions. The Roman/hellenic gods, for example, had epithets to their names to denote which 'version' you are calling on. Which seems to be the purpose of calling on this particular deity by his qualities/titles, represented as individual aspects then brought together into the one that represents them all.

Personal opinion; I wouldn't call this fake, per se... but it wouldn't be effective for everyone as it calls on a particular perspective/method of understanding from the caster in order for the process to have significant-enough personal meaning.

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