Attract A Dragon

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This spell will help to attract a dragon. Most likely a Earth dragon, but I'm not entirely sure.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A wand
  • If you wish to contact a fire elemental then use a candle
  • If a wind elemental then something that smells sweet
  • To get a Earth dragon you need a stick or a hand of mud
  • For water have a glass of water or it's best to be around a waterfall or lake or if it just rained

Casting Instructions for 'Attract A Dragon'

You have to be alone or it will not work. You must be in the woods. Or around a munch of trees.
Wave your wand around in your left have and in the other hand have the candle, mud or whatever it is you need to connect with the Dragon.

Chant this five times without messing up. If you mess up then just restart.

"Dragon, dragon, come to me,
Let me be your friend,
A friend I will be for you, and you a friend for me,
So dragon, dragon, please come to me!"


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I achieved a similar result through meditation and extreme focus on soul reflection. With my eyes closed my eyes gained a ring of color similar to my dragon guardian's, it seemed like a contact lense passed over my eyes. He even allowed me to grant him a name.
Jan 30, 2019
It took me several hours of meditation and focus
You don't need to go anywhere to call on Dragon energy. You can meditate in your room and connect with it. They are astral beings so they will come to you in an astral form, not a physical one, so you don't have to worry about a Dragon fitting in your room. If you are claiming you can get a physical Dragon that won't happen.

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