Anti-Aging Spell

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This spell is for reducing the appearance of your age and increasing/restoring your health.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Visualization
  • Voice
  • 12 white candles
  • Face of a clock(non-digital)

Casting Instructions for 'Anti-Aging Spell'

Place the face of the clock in front of you with one white candle aligned with every number of the hours. Light each candle counter-clockwise, starting with the candle for the twelfth hour and moving backwards to the eleventh, tenth, ninth, etc. You may chant the following before lighting each candle and after lighting the last;
''Reverse time for this spell of mine.''
After each candle is lit stand with your arms outstretched and spin counter-clockwise. Visualize yourself getting younger and healthier. As you do this chant;
''I turn back time on this body of mine. I am a young, healthy, vibrant [desired age]''
For [desired age] say what age you wish to look and feel again. For example if you want to be twenty, say ''I am a young, healthy, vibrant twenty year old.'' Do this two times daily, once just after you wake up and once just before you go to sleep. It works best if you do this exactly twelve hours apart, such as once at 9Am and again at 9Pm.

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sorry, you won't stop aging thanks to a chant. a healthy diet and skin care routine along with proper sleep and exercise can help you look younger for longer, but it comes down to genetics and lifestyle.

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