The circle is a coven that has both werewolfs and vampires working together as one whole team to help the human race.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Hope
  • Believe in this

Casting Instructions for 'THE CIRCLE'S ANGEL SPELL (SHOULD WORK!!!)'

This is the spell Angels flying high
Angels soaring through the sky
I wish to be you, flying too
Make me one of you
Human no more, only angel that can soar


*Say the spell 3 times at night and then wait.
*It's better to say the spell on a full moon
*Wait 1 month for your wing bones and after that (month later) your wings should start growing, it takes a year to fully grow your wings

*sleep in your stomach and in a big T-Shirt or sports bra
*If you feel tickling or pain on your back that is your wings and not your imagination
* Don't let people see your wings, if you show them to someone your wings will fall and die
*When your wings start to grow there will be a little blood and not much pain
*Common powers: fast healing, calming people down, travel faster than a car...
*You can show your wings to angels only and you could go to heaven if you are chosen
*After the spell you may see feathers around you

Learn to fly:

*You should jump off 3 feet and land on something soft.
*You will develop a reflex in your brain that will tell your wings to open.
*Go to a place where people don't go often.
*In the beginning you won't be able to fly much just once or twice a week. But then your wings will become stronger and you will be able to fly more often.
*If people see you and you don't know that, nothing will happen and they will think it's a trick of their eyes or a big bird

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What are the side effect

Jan 15, 2020
this doesn't work, you cannot physically transform into an angel, please don't jump off anything, you'll hurt yourself. you can work with angels, look into that.

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