Animal Shifting

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This spell makes you able to shift into your chosen animal whenever you want to, after the wait time is up. It's Endermander's on YouTube.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full belief in this spell
  • Your Voice

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Shifting'

Sit down in a quiet room, focus, and say this spell with lots of meaning:


"Gods of nature and divine, I want to be part animal. Please grant me my wish and I will honor you with all my heart. Grant me my wish, make me a (animal of your choice)."


As you start to say:


"Make me a..."


Think of your animal and how you will look.

The spell can take as little time as 5 minutes or as long as a week, it's different for everyone. Meaning, you can shift in the time from 5 minutes to one week, or gain the ability to. The side effects are different for each animal.
Example: (Comes from personal experience from me!) Wolf side effects: Bone and muscle aches, short bursts of anger, bad toothaches primarily on canine teeth, on and off throbbing headache, small urge to howl and bark and a small craving for meat.

To shift, you need to sit down in again a QUIET room, focus, and picture your animal clearly in your mind. Looking at pictures of it helps.
If you have any questions, please message me. This spell is legit.

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Physical shifting is impossible. If someone is interested in something like this, they could look into astral shifting or practice lucid dreaming, but shifting on the physical plane will never happen.

it is because every one forgot the way

Apr 04, 2019
No, it is because shapeshifting is a metaphorical thing, not a physical one. One can shapeshift on the astral plane but not in physical reality.

if physical shifting is impossible explain this story to me then: I was hanging out with my friend in the city but i live in the middle of no where. Whe took the bus to the nearest bus station. Her parents would pick her up at my house. it was around 9 am, she already started to act nervous and kinda paniced.asked what was wrong but she said it was okay. Her parents were by my house in about 10 minutes but she just looked like she was gonna run away so i said that maybe whe could walk a little in the garden. When whe were outside she random said 'i need to go home now' and she just ran away in the woods. When she looked a second before she ran away i swear i saw yellow glowing eyes. When she disapeared in the woords i heard a howl. I was walking back inside and her parents never showed up too. When whe had school the next morning (it was on a sunday) she was tired like she didn't get any sleep. When i was home again i looked on the internet and i saw it was full moon that night? That's the reason why i believe in physical shifting.

Jul 16, 2019
That's anecdotal evidence, which isn't something that can be used as legitimate proof. If people want shapeshifting to be taken seriously, then they should turn up some actual evidence of it. Also, it's completely possible it was just coincidence: your friend went into the woods, an animal happened to howl (there are multiple that do), and it was a full moon (which isn't uncommon or anything, considering it happens about monthly). The mind tends to look for patterns when there aren't any, but sometimes coincidences happen.

Jul 16, 2019
That is not proof, that is a story. Your friend walked away, you heard a noise. Nothing about this tale leads me to believe you. Your friend did not shapeshift because humans cannot physically transform. Werewolves are not physically real, and none of the ravings you posted would convince anyone of that. Your friend was not feeling well, she ran home, probably bumping into her parents along the way hence why you didn't see them. The yellow eyes in the woods, it could be anything because animals live in woods, and sometimes light reflects off their eyes. It could also be your imagination as human minds love to pick out patterns, so in that split second you saw something in the woods and your mind went "probably eyes" instead of a yellow flower, a rock, or sunlight on a tree. A third option is we are bad at remembering things, your mind loves filling in blanks with answers, and over time your mind will add and remove parts to make the story more interesting or credible. The long and short of it is, this story is not evidence, and physical transformation is impossible.

Jul 18, 2019
You believe in physically shifting because you may of seen some eyes in the dark woods, you friend was scared so she ran off, was tired the next day, and it was a full moon? Ok, counter offer [from someone who lived by the woods most of her life and still goes for hikes daily in the woods] you saw a firefly or something reflective and since the human mind is all about patterns you thought "eyes" your friend got scared [because woods are scary at night and she needed to get home. Maybe she had to use the bathroom, or her favourite show was about to start, who knows] so she ran off and bumped into her parents along the way, so they drove her home. She was tired because she was sick, up late/early or maybe she just didn't sleep [do you remember if she had a project or test due that Monday?] as for the full moon, so? You get one every 28 days [and even then it appears full for about 4 of those] I'm usually out late on the full moon, but that's because I'm a witch and have a ritual to do in honour of the moon. You have zero proof, just a story. i could tell you plenty of compelling stories, doesn't make them true/facts. [to quote phily D: why be informed when you can use your feelings as your facts?]

I live in The Netherlands and here are NO wolves, exept for 1 place but i live 3/4 hours away from that place. I've never heard a howl in the woods/my street ever.

Jul 24, 2019
Dogs can howl too. Cats can make sounds similar to howling. I've heard birds that sound wolf-like. And three to four hours away really isn't far, so it's not unreasonable that a wolf may have ended up near you. There are plenty of more reasonable explanation than shapeshifting.

Jul 24, 2019
Many animals have similar calls, coupled with the forest creating an echo, and the amount of time that has passed, since our memories are fickle things, you can unconsciously add/remove parts to fill in blanks and the memory can slowly change. It is not intentional, but our minds do it. Another option could be a noise made by a tv, radio, or nearby person. My cottage is in the mountains, the nearest neighbour is a 10 minute hike away, and sound travels very far in those conditions, sometimes I can hear the neighbours because of the landscape.

Oct 24, 2019
I believe you even though I haven't tried it yet. I'm pretty sure they haven't even tried it yet and if they did they didn't have that much belief you can probaly master this spell for all the belief you have if you don't mind I would like to know how you have some much belief in magic. I want have all this belief for magic but when ever I try to belief another voice talks in my head and tells," Magic is dumb, It's not real." I want to believe it's real but is so hard. I would love to know how to have all that belief. How to shut out those voices. Plz reply when you have time.

dose this work

I am not quite sure whether it fully works, but I have chosen the wolf and have experienced the headache symptom thus far. I will update.

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