Ultimate Werewolf Spell

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This spell will make you one of the strongest/fastest and etc werewolves. It all depends one your belief. It may and may not work otherwise.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full moon
  • You
  • Outside

Casting Instructions for 'Ultimate Werewolf Spell'



Spirits of the wolves and the moon I plea you to make me a werewolf. I will be a able to become a wolf at Will and feel no pain during that process. I will be able to break steel with my bare hands, I will be faster than a cheetah. My fur colour will be ---. My eye colour will be ---. I will have superstrength, speed, reflexes and the agility. I will never age and the biggest weakness will be silver. I will not kill as long as it's for self defence. So mote it be.

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Last edited on Feb 26, 2018
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You cant become a werewolf with a spell

Dec 28, 2019
You cannot become a werewolf, they are not physical beings, and physical shapeshifting contradicts nature which goes against the laws of magick on the natural plane, therefore you cannot become a werewolf with a spell as NonstopLD said.

I believe in werewolves

Dec 28, 2019
i love werewolf lore, and they are astral beings, but your belief doesn't overpower reality. people believe the earth is flat but it isn't flat, despite their deeply held belief.

I am a werewolf so they are real many not the ones frumpy horer moves but regular ones are

Jan 06, 2020
Maby not many sarry Auto correct

Jan 07, 2020
roleplaying is against site rules

Not roleplaying I was bitten and I understand the limits of magick and a spell can't fiscally tern u into a werewolf.

Mar 26, 2020
If you were bitten by a wild animal, you should seek medical attention.

Apr 17, 2020
I would agree with Nekoshema here if you were bitten you need to get help. you could get serious infections and it could kill you immediately.

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