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This is a spell to make any type of stuffed animal come to life and become your loyal companion. As long as you believe this spell will work Blessed Be!!!!!! I haven't tried this spell yet so please msg me if it works.


You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Stuffed Animal(Any type)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Chalk
  • Belief
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Stuffed Animal(Any type)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Chalk
  • Belief
  • Draw a circle on the floor with the chalk, and place the stuffed animal in the middle.
  • Take your pen and write its
  • Name:
  • Weight:
  • Accessories:
  • Special Abilities:
  • Magical Powers:
  • Behavior:

After you've done that say the following words:

"Gods and Goddesses, I call to you, to bring this stuffed animal to life to become my loyal companion, and to protect me at all times". SO MOTE IT BE!

Once you have said the chant write SO MOTE IT BE as big as you can on the paper.

Fold the paper in half before you write SO MOTE IT BE on the paper.

Now fold the paper in half again and write and say the words:

"Oh stuffed animal companion of mine come to me across this  great divide and settle here by my side. Come and to me and be loyal and protect me  Blessed Be!"

After that place the stuffed animal next to your bed and place the paper under your mattress and the next day the stuffed animal will be alive.


You can even give it wings if you wish. Also msg me and let me know how any of my spells work. And yes you will get lots of looks.




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Do you have any spells to help you find a lost voodoo doll, Mine is small, blue and I named him bob. He is not a real voodoo doll, but he kinda look like one.I am just hoping you have a spell I can use to find lost dolls, if so that be amazing, if not that okay thank you anyways.

Nov 28, 2019
if you have a pendulum or dowsing rod you can use that. enter the room, enter a meditative state, and slowly walk around the room with the pendulum, it should indicate the general area of the item if it's in the room.

When I was doing the spell I felt a strong presence in my hallway while chanting and writing. I feel like my stuffed animal is looking at me but just isn't communicating. So, I think it works

May 15, 2020
It didn't. It's probably your mind playing tricks. You cannot bring an inanimate object to life. the only way this worked is if you summoned a spiritual being that has decided to reside [aka possess] your stuffed animal.

You cannot bring a stuffed animal to life with Real Magic.

Aug 06, 2021
Shut up!!!

Aug 06, 2021
I will not stop just because the truth hurts.

Will not work. Ever. Unless you manage to find give-life-to-non-living-objects technology, this will not work.

i choked on my tea while reading this no this will not work nomatter how much you think it will nekoshema is right as is tadashi and moonfury sorry just not happening

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