Evil Eye Curse

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This is the Curse will Send karma back at the person who has down harm 10x. Written by Lady Raven Darkstar!

Casting Instructions for 'Evil Eye Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bowl of Water
  • Your Knife
  • Leaves
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bowl of Water
  • Your Knife
  • Leaves

****Place the bowl of Water in front of you, then take  your knife, Cutting a small part of your finger. Add your blood to the water and then Chant*****

With my Blood, I show you my Pain, Return it back from once it came.

****Take the leaf and place in the water and bind your spell****

Now is the Darkness, I do Call, Sending Shadows, Once and for all.

With this time of 3 time 3, This Magick I bind, So Mote It Be!

****Add the leaf to the water, take the bowl and pour into running water.****


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while this can work to curse someone, it's not the ''evil eye''. the evil eye is essentially glaring at someone and sending energy towards them.

Jan 23, 2021
Would you add there name to this spell ? Like writing the persons name on paper ?

Jan 24, 2021
It would personalize it, so you could [I would also switch out the knife for a sterilized needle, you only need a drop of blood, so cutting your finger is a bit much] If you wish to cast the evil eye [say this is a person in class] charge all the hatred you have for the person, then glare at them [you might want to think of a phrase like ''I hate you,'' ''I curse you,'' or some nasty word] as you glare at them, imagine a giant ball of negative energy, hitting them. And that's it, you've cast the evil eye. It's simply a glance filled with anger.

i m not a witch i have no talent my life is hell because my sister high black magic sins 2017 I had 3 cancer, horrible scandals, I was rubbed many times my mother stole my money and send it to her and so many things my gifts to her...she my sisters dominating my mother who is changed i did not recognise her sge and my other sisterdont care ifi m alive never call me i had oclusive trombosis now i have hepatitis cronic sorry my bad english my love left me alone in 2017 after 6 years i already hade breast cance...since 2017 i was so many times brutally humiliated by police by doctors people please someone help me i send money i m not rich at all for witches to cut this black magic but they just took my money i can send picture with candles very specific dark forms from wax and others...i was a good person religious one but i m so full of anger and pain i prayed a lot years....nothing ..my grandma was i very strong witch she was gypsis she hate us he curse as all the time ...i want to ask the chant how many times can say it??

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